Carolyn Elliott

Hello there - I am the aforementioned Carolyn Elliott.

I’m an ancient wisdom being who is currently also a suburban stepmom — and that’s confusing at times.

Once upon a time, I innocently followed a white rabbit down a hole and landed on a strange underworld quest to bring sovereignty in full force to everyone.

I do this by teaching people how to dissolve negative patterns in their lives by making their unconscious, conscious…

… by pointing out, over and over again - that we’re all just sado-masochistic divinities playing hot, fucked-up dream games - and the sooner we remember that, the better off we all are.

To this end I teach courses, lead Existential Kink certifications, write books, publish broadcasts, run a book club and a magazine.

I also throw nice dinner parties.

Once a tarot-reading gentleman told me my purpose in life was to usher in the new Aeon.

I told him “you must say that to all the girls” and tried to forget about it.

But I just can’t. So here’s my vision for the Aeon: absolutely no one sees themselves as a victim, and we’re all fully lucid in our power.

I just won’t rest til it happens.

Interestingly, I’m also the author of Existential Kink (2019), Awaken Your Genius (2013), and the founder of WITCH magazine (

I have a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh in Critical and Cultural studies, which I put to damn good use.