Who I am.


I'm a witch who was born and raised in the city wilds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that nothing mattered more to me than helping other magical weirdos like myself stop feeling alienated and start feeling powerful.

Of course it took a long time after I realized that to actually be able to do anything about it.

Because first I had to find out how to enter into my own power. 


An old-fashioned rags to riches story... 

In the past two years,  I went from subsisting well-under the poverty level....

[[ How far under the poverty level, you ask?

Well, to paint a bit of the picture: I earned about $1200 a month as a freelance writer and teacher and lived for five years in a run-down studio apartment with walls so paper-thin that in the Pittsburgh winter the wind whistled through the walls, not just through the windows!

I had to staple quilts to my walls for insulation. And over the windows, because the windows were cracked, too. Ahhhhhhhhh, slumlords. 

And after that, I went magically mad and homeless for awhile. It was a harrowing adventure. I suggest opting in to my email list if you want the full, blow-by-blow story ;) ]]

.... in two years I went from all that ..... to running a 6-figure (soon to be multiple 6-figure), location-independent business.

Instead of living in a freezing slum in the wintertime, I get to live on lush beaches in Bali. 

I don't say that to brag. (Okay, well, maybe just a little bit!)

Seriously though - I say that to let you know it's very possible for you, too.

Like, what? How the hell did that happen?

Sometimes I literally still can't believe it. I look around and I feel like I've been touched by some kind of fairy godmother.

And then I remember - oh, I have.

I've been touched by the fairy godmother inside me who was always so eager to step out and do her work in the world... she just had to figure out a whole bunch of stuff first.

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So what did it take for me to create this location-independent business with a 6-figure income for myself?

On an internal level - a ton of intensive magical work on my shame and my blocks around power and money, and a good deal of spellwork.

That internal work on myself and my blocks enabled me to be brave enough to put myself out there as a coach and start taking on one-on-one clients.

One-on-one work was the foundation of my business.

I do just a tiny bit of one-on-one work these days - but it gave me a solid foundation of understanding what my people most need and want, so I'm grateful to have hundreds of hours of it. 

Today, I want others to be able to have the same experience of profound internal liberation and empowerment that I experienced and which let me get to where I am today, so shadow integration and mastering attraction magic is what I teach in INFLUENCE. 


On an external level - building my business took writing, a lot of writing, and then a whole lot more.... writing.

But not the kind of writing I was taught to do in school (I have a PhD in English, by the way). Not academic writing. Not 'literary' writing. Not "professional" writing. 

Nope. Writing for the social web.

Writing for the social web is a very particular kind of writing that grows an audience and a business.

It's the kind of writing that also involves self-publishing: learning how to do the fiddly business of configuring websites, creating images to go with the writing, setting up social media processes, and deploying email list service providers.


All of which is a very strange and particular stuff to do, all of which took me a long time to figure out, and all of which I now teach other magical folk how to do in THRILL ... so they don't have to flail around as long as I did. 

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