The work that we do together centers on expanding your havingness level in business and in life. Your havingness level is the amount of good stuff (money, love, connection, opportunity, sex, creativity, awakeness) that you'll allow yourself to draw into your experience. 

The art of having is the art of vastly expanding your concept of yourself. When you shift your havingness level, you shift who you know yourself to be - and the whole world responds, often with dramatic speed. 

Who I work with

I work with people who are intensely magical, on fire with imagination, and deeply committed to opening to truth and total wake-up in this life time.

My clients have giant vision, immense talent, and a willingness to dare. They've taken large risks in their lives, have experienced huge success and flamboyant failure, and they're okay with being wildly uncomfortable along the road to realizing their next big dream. 

My clients are high-achievers. They know they can do amazing things all by themselves, thank you very much, and they're also excited about the horizon of possibility that opens up with the aid of a top-level coach. They don't need incredible coaching. They simply desire it. 

I work with people in every walk of life. My previous clients have included magically-inclined tech entrepreneurs, finance professionals, writers, sex workers, artists, folk musicians, body-workers, other coaches, students, and teachers.

I work exclusively with people who inspire me.

I work exclusively with people who take action and stretch beyond their current comfort zone. 

Who I do not work with

I don't work with folks who:

- protect themselves from change with cynicism and "I already know"

- are invested in holding onto anger, resentment, and blame at any level

- only look at the love'n'light sunny-side and won't delve deep into their shadow

- aren't committed to recognizing, owning, and deploying their own power and magic

- prefer comfort, safety, and familiar stories over total wake-up and turn-on


If you're interested in working with me, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you about scheduling a time for us to talk. I schedule a  deep-dive, on-the-house session with potential clients to find out if we're the right fit for working together.

If during these deep-dive talks I both feel inspired by you and I feel like I've been able to serve you deeply, I'll make an invitation and tailored proposal for you to work with me longer-term.

My clients invest $3000 to work with me for three months.

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On one-on-one work:

The one-on-one work  I've done with my mentors has changed my life, dramatically for the better.

Always dramatically, actually, because I'm a bit operatic like that.

And here's a secret: you don't need one-on-one work with me or anyone else.

People need food, shelter, love, and sometimes therapy or medicine, but you don't need me. 

My clients sign up to work with me not out of need, but out of desire. Pure desire to go from good to insanely great in all areas of your life.

So if you have that desire, I strongly encourage you to engage the services of a mentor.

Maybe not with me. Maybe with someone else. Doesn't matter. Whoever you find fits you best. But do it: give yourself that huge gift, give it out of pure desire and love for your own being.