4 Ways to Turn Searching Into Finding

Dear Reader, Navigating the search for fulfillment and joy in this life can be tough. It often feels like groping in treacherous darkness. I want to offer some simple suggestions for summoning more synchronicity to help you on your journey.

1) Each day, spend time focusing on what your ideal relationship with the world would feel like.

We tend to think that we want specific things-- for example, let's say that you think you want a house in the country with cathedral ceilings, a lush garden, and a teacup poodle. I would argue it's not really these things that you want.  It's the ideal relationship with the world that those things represent to you that you want. You want a relationship with the world that's rich with beauty and opportunities to nurture. A relationship that's expansive (cathedral ceilings), alive (lush garden), adorable and adoring (teacup poodle).

Many teachers of the law of attraction will suggest that you focus on imagining having the specific things that you want-- I suggest this, too, but only as an aid to imagining and vividly experiencing the feeling of what it would be like for you to be in your ideal relationship with the world.

Because let's face it-- the things without the relationship would be meaningless.  There's lots of people who have fab houses and gardens and poodles who are out-and-out rotting with misery. Being surrounded by wondrous things and creatures only feels good when those things occur in the context of a rich relationship with life.

What would it feel like if every person you encountered knew you as you wish to be known, honored you as you wish to be honored, helped you as you wished to be helped? And what would it feel like if all the unseen forces of the universe were continually showering you with gifts? Focus on this feeling every day-- discover it and nurture it.

2) Notice what beliefs or self-images you hold that seem to argue against the possibility of this ideal relationship and work to release them.

The very act of imagining yourself within your ideal relationship with the world has the effect of turning on the bright lights within your spirit, so you can see the shadows more starkly.

As soon as you begin to focus on the feeling of that relationship, you'll notice parts of yourself objecting-- "that's impossible" -- "that's not how life works" -- "that could never happen for me."  Those objections come from the conditioned beliefs and self-images which we hold about ourselves.

The process of releasing long-held limiting beliefs and self-images is on-going and multi-layered. Great progress can be made immediately on some important layers, and some layers take years to effectively budge. It's important, though, to accomplish this work because doing so clears our perception so that we can find our way towards our best world relationship.

In my experience, the most effective way to work with these doubts and false limitations is through meditative inquiry, which can be done alone or with a tutor.

3) Discover what it is in your life that conflicts with or argues against you enjoying your ideal relationship with the world and make changes accordingly.

Imagining what your best possible relationship with the world would feel like not only brings into stark view our inner doubts and limiting beliefs, it also can have the effect of showing us what elements in our current life are out of tune with the harmony we envision.

Once you begin focusing on your ideal world relationship, you may clearly realize that your critical friend or your demanding career don't fit in with your best vision.  This can be very painful to realize, since we like to hold to the familiar and can easily make the mistake of putting loyalty to others above loyalty to our own genius hearts.

Nonetheless, our dream relationship with the world won't be able to come true until we consciously let go of that which is presently in our lives that doesn't resonate with it.

4) Follow the path that sings.

As you focus on your ideal world relationship and let go of fearful doubts and people, places, and things which don't resonate with your vision, you'll come upon a path that sings to you.

When you come upon the entrance to a path that sings, you'll find yourself surrounded by people who know you as you want to be known, in an environment rich with beauty and love.  There will be spiritual resources and opportunities present for you in this place, and you'll be able to recognize it because the feeling that you get when you're there will feel like the wondrous world relationship you've been virtualizing in your daily practice.

As it happens, my path includes bhakti yoga, which-- quite literally-- sings. In bhakti yoga practice, we sing the names of the divine, offering ourselves to it in unconditional devotional service.  The first time I came to a kirtan (a session of music and chanting meditation) I immediately knew I was in the right place for me because the people and the environment there so fully resonated with my heart, which I had carefully tuned using the above-outlined steps.

Once you find your path, don't stop dreaming of that ideal world relationship and releasing that which doesn't align with it.  Keep dreaming and dropping until your life is a radiant pulsing jewel of love.