Truth-Telling Practice

Dear Reader, Let's practice some straight talk.

What are you using in your life today as solutions to the difficulties you're meeting in your human existence?

In other words, what relationships, roles, jobs, attitudes, and behaviors are you engaging in to keep yourself feeling safe and okay?

Keep in mind that "safe" and "okay" can be the places we stay stuck, the places that are a lot less scary than "awesome."

Are your solutions working? Or are they kind of shitty? In other words, are they actually harming you more than helping you?

I asked myself these same questions in my Truth and Beauty Pages this morning.

Confronting Truth

I noticed that I have a difficulty in my existence which may be familiar to you, also: that old rotten demon self-doubt.  My self-doubt tells me that I can't make it as an entrepreneur. Sure I'm compassionate and intuitive and have helped very many people already shift their perspective and change their lives-- BUT -- my mind announces -- I will never succeed at marketing my gifts on a large scale.

How do I know this? I don't! I've never tried to be an entrepreneur until now. It's just stuff my brain is making up!

I've been meeting my difficulty with a shitty solution.

What's my shitty solution? Not putting myself out into the world as much as I can, not unleashing myself and my services as fully as possible.

Me, For Free

In order to begin creating a real solution and lowering barriers between me and those I might serve, I'm going to take a little hop, the first of many more to come. If you look under the One-on-One Consulting tab up top, you'll notice that I'm now offering free exploratory phone consultation sessions to all you geniuses.

So contact me by email and let's arrange to talk.  In our conversation we can explore what's going on with you now, where your authentic preferences are calling you to go, and what kitsch might be holding you back.

In the span of our conversation, I can provide insights that will help you to melt what's blocking you from total awesomeness. We'll find out if it would serve us both to work together more in the future.



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