A Simple Entrance to Synchromysticism

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Here's a simple means to turn your life into a symbolic work of art, deliberately linking your conscious experience with your unconscious and thereby activating an intensely fast-moving stream of synchronicity which will carry you forward on your trip.


Experiment Two: Accepting the Heart’s Call


Re-write the letter you wrote from your heart to yourself in Experiment One, so that you turn every directive and every bit of information that your heart supplied you with into a commitment, promise, or affirmation.  For example, if your heart told you in the initial letter to “Raise up the roses to the roof tops” then you would now write a promise: “I will raise up the roses to the roof tops.”  If your heart told you in the initial letter that “You smell like iodine” then you would now write an agreement: “I will smell like iodine.”


As you write, know that these are real commitments you are making.  In order to carry on your journey to ecstatic fulfillment, you will need to meet all of these commitments.  “What?” you might say, “You mean I actually have to raise up roses to roof tops? But why would I do that? It’s nonsense! And why the hell would I ever want to smell like iodine?”  YES.  It’s complete nonsense to you, to your rational mind.  But the soul is larger than you, larger than your conscious persona.  It’s vast and it has its reasons for wanting you to raise roses to rooftops that are more than your waking, ordinary mind can comprehend.  The important thing is that you resist the temptation to dismiss your heart’s instructions or to take them lightly.


In order for the alchemical process to work, you must take on profound responsibility for doing the symbolic, magical, poetic and nonsensical things that your heart is asking of you. “But I don’t even know what some of these things mean!” you may protest.  And that’s true.  There may be things that your heart tells you to do that at the present just boggle your mind or even sound dangerous.  What’s important now is to keep an open mind about those things.  Know that as you continue in the process more will become clear to you.  You’ll gradually come to understand all of your heart’s instructions, and understand ways of fulfilling them that are all completely safe and loving to you and everyone around you.  Yet this understanding only comes upon your prior commitment and acceptance of the “nonsense.”  The heart doesn’t reveal its truths to one who’s not serious about taking its directives.  After you make your commitment to accept your heart’s call in all its apparent whimsicality, pointlessness and danger, you’ll start to get ideas for simple, wholesome actions in the world that you can take to fulfill your promises.


The simple (yet deeply symbolically charged) actions that you will take to fulfill the instructions in your heart’s letter are the first steps of the adventure you’re commencing.


After you’ve written out your acceptance of your heart’s instructions, notice how you feel.  Most of the people I work with feel a sense of wonder and excitement as they contemplate the decisions they’ve made to leave behind the surface level of reality, (where they act only “reasonably”) and to enter the deeper level where action is more than reasonable—it’s imaginative and luminous with meaning.




Now, one by one, take each promise and agreement you’ve made with your heart, and brainstorm about possible ways you can do those things in the real world.  For example, you’ve written “I will raise up the roses to the roof-tops.” How will you do that?


This depends on your awareness of what the persons, places, and things in the agreement mean to you. Maybe a friend of yours has a roof that’s safe to access and she sunbathes on it.  You could call her up and bring her a real bouquet of roses. In this way, you would succeed in “raising up the roses to the roof-tops.” We might say that this is a “literal” enactment of the commitment.  Or perhaps as you’re writing you realize that “roses” to you are a code word for “beautiful things” and “roof-tops” to you means “a place where everyone can see.” Maybe then you understand that your task is to put beautiful things in your life on display, to share them.  We might say that this is “abstract” enactment of the commitment.  Really, the distinction between the literal and the abstract can’t be very strong here, because whatever it is we’re doing when we attempt to fulfill our heart’s dreamspeak instruction is necessarily symbolic and beyond the ordinary prosaic mode of daily life.


I suggest, however, erring on the side of the literal.  Don’t assume that every noun and action in your letter refers to inner qualities which you can understand right now and thus avoid having to deal with actual roses and the actual inconvenience of finding a rooftop—don’t force a “translation.” It may be that you will only understand at a deep level what the “roses” or beautiful things in your life are after you have taken actual roses to an actual rooftop.  As much as you can without endangering yourself or others, take the instructions of your heart at “face value” and interact with the tangible material world as per your heart’s instructions.


Yet ultimately, whether you bring real roses to a real rooftop or put on display some beautiful things where everyone can see doesn’t matter.  There isn’t one “right” way to fulfill your commitment to your heart.  What matters is the intention and imaginative energy you put into your attempt.  The point is that you don’t attempt to slack or shirk your duty, that you give it your best effort. With that intention and energy, your heart can take over and make magic happen that’s beyond your conscious will.


“What magic could possibly happen just from me bringing a bouquet of roses to my friend on her roof? That’s such a mundane, simple thing to do.  I thought this was supposed to be a big dreamy adventure!”


Bringing a bouquet of roses to your friend is a mundane, simple thing to do which becomes a thrilling adventure due to your underlying motivation. You’re not doing it because the mood struck you, or since it’s her birthday, or because you wanted to cheer her up.  You’re doing it because you’ve surrendered a degree of your conscious, rational persona’s will to the extra-rational demands of the heart.  Your bringing of the bouquet is an act of deep humility, of obedience to something more vast and beautiful than your ordinary mind knows.  Not only that—but because the action was dictated to you by this larger and opaque intelligence, you will eventually discover that the consequences of your action are much larger and more positive than you could have ever known or predicted in advance.  You’re now participating in a web of poetry, of divine making, that’s larger than you know, and this participation is magical and full of grace.  Because you are acting at the level of the soul rather than of the mind with the intention of positively evolving, your actions will have beautifully expansive soul consequences.


The simple gesture of bringing the bouquet of roses to a friend’s rooftop will start a chain of energies and happenings in motion which will then themselves lead you further into the mystery of your transformation in a non-linear and non-sensible way that you cannot know or predict in advance.


You might ask yourself these questions about each line of your acceptance of your heart’s call:

How could this correspond to places, persons and things in my actual life?

How could I carry this out? What would it take to fulfill what my heart is asking of me here?

Can I amplify a greater meaning out of this pun or play on words?




There may be now many commitments that you’ve made to your heart that you don’t presently understand how to enact in the world.  Maybe you have a solid idea about just one.  Do that one thing.  Trust that as you act, more will be revealed to you over the course of this 7 weeks about how to fulfill your other commitments.

It can help a great deal to memorize your commitments to your heart.  This way, as your walking around in your life, you’ll be more likely to immediately recognize places or actions that could help you fulfill your commitments.


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