Dream #3: The urgent message, the botanical argument, the dirt floor of ancient China

The Dreams In a rush this morning, so just three parts of a dream, with no commentary.



The Urgent Message

I'm on a bicycle. I have a mission to be somewhere, very fast. I'm riding along the tops of walls, through dense crowds. I'm carrying a package.  I have a sense that I'm on a college campus. Lots of young people are resting along one wall that I need to travel. They have cell phones in their hands, on top of the wall-- they're texting. I have to ride over their hands as they text.  I'm yelling at them as I'm zooming along-- "Coming through! Coming through! Move your hands! I don't want to hurt you! Move!"


The Botanical Argument

Next, I see a young man out in the wilderness with two other men.  The young man is carrying a package in the form of a long tube, and I have the sense that I'm seeing myself (whoever I just was as I rode the bicycle through the crowd).  The men I'm with start threatening me.  I open the cylinder I'm carrying and draw from it a large sheaf of rolled-up posters-- exquisitely beautiful photographic posters depicting all kinds of botanical and geological wonders.  I'm shouting at the men.   I'm showing them image after image on my posters, making some kind of very emphatic point.  I start to notice, though, that half the posters I'm supposed to have are missing.


The Dirt Floor of Ancient China

Next, I'm a little toddler girl crawling on a dirt floor under a table which is part of an exhibit at a museum.  I feel the dirt floor with my hands and say to my mother, who is hovering above me, that I want to learn all about women and feminism in ancient China. Somehow the dirt floor is an exhibit on ancient China, which teaches me its truths as I run my hands over its bumpy dirt.




Posted on September 28, 2011 and filed under Dream Journal.