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If you're visiting this site because you've seen the posters up around Pittsburgh - welcome. I'm guessing you're someone who's curious and open to change. That curiosity is itself a triumph of spirit - so kudos. You might want to peruse the illustrious archives of this site or check out my free book, Caring for Your Genius.

This is a challenging time to be alive.  Many of us are suffering right now because the messages we've received from our culture about how to be happy just don't make sense any longer.  We're hungry for love, magic, community and joy.  We're hungry for ways of being in the world that don't violate our souls.

But it's difficult to make the journey to magic and joy when worries and sadnesses speak so loudly.  I've seen incredibly beautiful and brilliant people destroy themselves because they couldn't find a way to live their truth.

I would certainly have destroyed myself if various forces hadn't intervened in my life and taught me ways to positively alter my perception by questioning the old patterns and beliefs that kept me stuck in fear and misery.

Since I've been able to free myself from unhappiness to a very large extent, my aim now is to be present to you as a catalyst for your evolution and freedom.  The method I use to do this is called compassionate inquiry.   It's a method that's based on The Work of Byron Katie and informed by my doctoral research on the way that great poets and artists uncover radically transformative insights.  You can learn more about compassionate inquiry here.

If you're interested in becoming free from painful patterns and moving into a life that's overflowing with love and beauty and creation, I'd love to work with you in counseling sessions.  You can feel free to introduce yourself to me or contact me your questions at sweetsongofjoy at gmail dot com.



Posted on June 23, 2012 and filed under Creativity.