Lovers Needed

The world needs lovers. Lovers  aren't necessarily people in romantic relationships. They're not necessarily young or old, men or women - or any other demographic category.

Lovers are people for whom love as a profound force and mode of perception - bountiful, particular-yet-universal, ever-new and ever-revealing - is the highest principle and the top priority.

If you're a lover...

  • You want to put your love into the world of form in a way that's both precise and transcendent.
  • You want to let go of the limits that the appearance of scarcity and competition sometimes put on your heart.
  • You catch glimpses of astounding mystery and beauty in the world and seek to amplify and share those visions.
  • Your imagination is more than just a tool for fantasy - it shows you layers of reality that our culture obscures.
  • You sometimes feel frustrated at the uphill battle of making your love manifest through the gravity of your own fear and unhelpful habits.
  • You have painful wounds that come from daily life in a society that values just about everything - money, prestige, drugs, violence, sensation - over love.
  • You receive constant messages from the mainstream culture that you're nuts for valuing connection and heart and community above personal gain.

Well, I don't think you're nuts.  I think you're the hope of this world, and I'm interested in supporting you in every way I can.  I made the Indecision Rescue Kit as a way of helping us lovers lighten up on ourselves.


I've had a goodly amount of trouble articulating just who it is I'm trying to serve and reach with my work.  I've talked about geniuses and brilliant people - but most folks who I see as brilliant and geniuses have trouble identifying with those terms out of their modesty - and also, to speak of someone's genius or brilliance doesn't necessarily get to the core of what attracts me.  I don't get particularly thrilled by people who have a lot of creativity but a lack of heart.

During a visit to beautiful Baltimore this spring I saw a quote from Vincent van Goh on the wall of the American Museum of Visionary Art that just about flipped my brains: "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

Immediately I was like - whoah.  That's true. That's some Capital "T" TRUTH right there.

I can get way excited by art - but art that doesn't come from a place of love or aspiration-towards-love leaves me cold.

After a lot of early success, I withdrew from academia because the posturing and intellectualism turned me off. I experienced first-hand how much disdain there is out there for the notion of love - like it's some ooey-gooey, sentimental, ridiculous thing that we'd all be better off without.

At the same time that I was hearing love insulted left and right, I noticed professors and grad students all around me literally destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol.  One particularly brilliant man did it to the point of suicide-by-overdose.  I think he could have used a lot of the very love he made it a point to disdain.

I want to create a culture where a focus on love and connection is seen as a deep strength rather than a pointless weakness.  Where love isn't just celebrated as exclusionary attachment but as an all-embracing white-hot inspiration. I'm pretty sure such a culture is what my hero Queer Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll join my list so we can keep in touch.  I'll send you the Indecision Rescue Kit as my first gesture of encouragement - and much more will ensue from there.

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