Bloggers With Empathy, Part 1

I tend to only really love a blog when its author offers a mix of vulnerability and empathy that, to quote a radio hit from the Verve, "recognize the pain in me." Which is to say, blogs that are all rah-rah-rah go-go-go tend to turn me off.  I've got too much melancholy in my bilious soul and too much angst in my existenz to really go for that.

But also, I don't wish to kill myself and am really into awesomeness, so I can't really read blogs that just emphasize the suck of life without sharing hope and ideas for making things better.

The following bloggers give me the right blend of depth mixed with inspiration that charges me up on days when I'm low, so I figured I'd share them here with you.

Blogs that Make me Happy When I'm Sad Like that Verve Song Says

Seamus Anthony of Rebel Zen agrees with me that being a positive force in the world means making stuff happen, and that takes organization.  He also specializes in playing music of "the Romantic Bar genre" and his ominous-hilarious cover of Oliva Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" is tragi-comic in precisely the way that heals my heart.

Andrea Schroeder over at the Creative Dream Incubator not only likes to wear completely fab wigs, she also does so while offering her soft-spoken and well-earned wisdom in her Creative Dream TV series.  The episode on What If No One Cares What You Have to Offer? rocked my world yesterday when I was in an especially nasty mire of PMS.

Anne of Psychic Awareness is a down-to-earth lady who freely admits she had no psychic experiences as a child or teenager, and only opened up her connection as an adult.  Though my heart intuition has been in strong form for a long time, I'm just beginning to experiment with psychic channeling, so her thoughtful and humble posts about expanding one's psychic connection hit home in a lovely way.

Stephanie Gagos of Finding Your Voice of Truth specializes in helping survivors of childhood trauma to thrive.  Just looking at her site calms me down - and her recent essay on dealing with lingering shame helped me remember my own innocence, which is a rich gift.

- Well, that's all for now, folks! More to come soon.  I've just given you a lot to digest and enjoy. ;)