The ever-sexy work of habit change

Often our brain-burrowing fear worm likes to tell us that we can't now bother instituting new good habits and dropping our old bad habits (in my case - smoking and coffee-drinking and over-eating and general messiness) because we've tried in the past but we didn't stay committed to the changes. "Look," the worm says, "if you were any good at this 'having constructive habits' stuff, you would have done it by now.

"You're not, so you should probably just live in squalor and die of cancer, adrenal fatigue, or metabolic syndrome.  Because, screw you."

Thanks, worm.

The truth is that you're allowed to have launched programs of habit-change in the past and to have totally backslid.

Remember, Carolyn, that time in 2008 when you ate all raw for 6 months and flossed everyday and promptly filed all your incoming papers? Those glory days?

And then how you went back to eating giant piles of pad thai and stopped with the flossing and decided once again that your papers could just live in the same box, only to be looked at when you 'felt like it'? Ah, yes!

Well, that was totally okay.  We're allowed to pick up and begin again.  September is fresh start time, according to my endured-26-years-of-school body clock.  If you're feeling it, too, I invite you to go ahead and have a fresh start along with me.

Here are some habit-changing resources that inspire me:

Flylady - for house-cleaning stuff and basic self-love. Flylady was blogging before "blogging" existed as a thing, just sharing with others on a message board how she affected her own transformation from depressed and slovenly to happy and together lady.

Advanced Yoga Practices - This is so unlike any other yoga page I've ever seen.  Yogani, the author of the AYP system, is an American yogi who synthesized many different yogic teachings into one simple progression towards ecstasy, freely taught on his website.  Which makes him very cool in my book.

I've decided that this week I'm going to work on keeping my sink shiny (as Flylady suggests - my housework needs seriously help, ya'll) and taking morning walks.  Because I like to walk in the tender fall morning.  That way I get to absorb the tenderness of the air.

So good, yes.

What habits are you interested in cultivating in this fresh September?

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