Kale in Chili Coconut Broth with Black Beans and Quinoa

Okay, so this is what I ate for lunch and dinner on Day 1 of the Great Kale Diet. I don't have any photography skillz so you're gonna have to take my word for it - this dish is beautiful, rich, delicious and staggeringly healthful.

Let's talk a bit about its astounding merits: it's vegan, extremely nutrient-dense, easy to make, cheap, filling, scrumptious, and just about 600 calories.

Kale in Chili Coconut Broth with Black Beans and Quinoa

Serves 1


1 bunch kale

1 half cup vegetable broth

1 quarter cup canned chopped tomatoes

1 cup prepared black beans

1 cup prepared quinoa

1 tablespoon coconut oil

Sriracha sauce, to taste


Here's how I make it, in my very lazy fashion:

In a skillet, combine the vegetable broth, coconut oil, and canned chopped tomatoes.  Heat broth on medium until coconut oil melts.  Stir the oil and into the broth.  Tear your bunch of kale into bite-sized bits and drop those into your broth mixture.

Douse the kale with a handful of water to make sure all the leaves are wet.  Turn up the heat a bit.  Stir.  When the leaves look glossy green and tender, drop in your black beans.  Stir it all about for a moment to make sure the black beans get heated through.

Warm up your prepared quinoa and put it on a plate.  Scoop up all your lovely kale and black beans mixture and place that atop your quinoa.  Adorn liberally with bright red sriracha.  Eat and be happy and healthy. Best with a big glass of pink grapefruit juice.


image: [Another Pint Please...]



Posted on January 25, 2013 and filed under The Kale Diet.