The Kale Diet, Warrior Style - Day 7

Kale Diet Progress Report

So, my weight loss efforts were derailed this week by three social occasions at three lovely restaurants that happened to involve Mexican Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake and Tiramisu and piles of garlic nan.  Hmmm.

I didn't gain any weight, though. I'm holding steady at 150 lbs. So, win.

Also! The awful, dark, puffy circles under my eyes that I gained thanks to months of fathomless misery have disappeared.

This miraculous affect I attribute directly to the vast amount of Vitamin K and Vitamin A that I've been consuming with my daily two bunches of kale.  Vitamin K promotes healthy blood clotting, thus stopping the appearance of dark circles caused by blood drifting out of vessels. Vitamin A improves the health of the blood vessel walls themselves.



The Warrior Diet: Another Approach to Fat Loss

After having a good hard think about my social eating habits, I've decided to modify my version of the Kale Diet so it's a bit more flexible and fits the Warrior Diet pattern.  The Warrior Diet is popular amongst body builders.

The Warrior Diet involves under-eating during the day (i.e., just having some small servings of raw fruits, nuts, and veggies) and then eating whatever you want in the evening for the four hours before bedtime.

It reverses the common notions that one should eat breakfast and avoid heavy meals at night.

Its proponents claim that it aids fat loss and increased energy because it matches the eating patterns of our ancestors who had to hunt and gather all day and only got to eat a big meal around the fire at night.

I'm willing to give it a try because if I'm going to lose and maintain the loss of the stubborn extra 15 lbs I'm carrying around I need a mode of eating that allows for my propensity to go out to dinner with friends a few times a week.

Also, I generally don't even feel like eating until 1 or 2 pm. So, there's that.

My adjusted plan is to eat some raw fruits and veggies during the day (I'm a fan of radishes with wasabi and grapefruit) and then, most nights, to eat a big big meal of kale and black beans and quinoa and chili coconut broth.  On my social nights, I'll do the same day-time light eating and order whatever looks good at the restaurant.  And I promise, I'm someone to whom brussel sprouts look good.  And also Chocolate Cake.

Hopefully, my big meal at night will be around 1000 - 1300 calories, and I'll stay within the amount of calories I need for weight loss. We'll see!

The Warrior Diet: Starting Out

So, today I began with the Warrior-style kale diet.  I had wasabi radishes at 2, some clementines and crackers and a banana at 4, a big pile of Kale in Chili Coconut Broth With Black Beans and Quinoa for dinner, and then popcorn for a snack.  Over all, it wasn't too hard and I came in at 1400 calories.  Pretty good.