The Game is Infinite. It starts now.

I just posted this in my Dreamer's Tantra Facebook group.  You're welcome to join us. Dreamers,

We're all going to play a game.

The game, like this group, is called the Dreamer's Tantra.  It's a game I've been playing for awhile now, and I now want to invite you to play it with me.

It's an infinite game, which means it can only be played by magic people.  Muggles are too busy playing finite games.

It's a game in which we all step up and become the much-larger-than-life heroes that we truly are.

The rewards of the game are confrontation with fear, contact with your deep sorrow, and wrenching transformation.

Also:  rapture, ecstasy, connection, synchronous flow, truth, and delicious unending happiness.

The rewards begin as soon as you start playing.

They end as soon as you give up and settle for playing a smaller, finite game.

The infinite game of the Dreamer's Tantra is this:

1. Dream Yourself Awake

Every day, first thing in the morning, vividly dream yourself as an unstoppable, heroic, wildly powerful, fully awake being who is utterly committed to liberating all beings from suffering and delusion.

Feel yourself pulse with awareness, compassion, magnetism, fire.



(This is Red Tara, the Buddha of Awake Desire. I practice imagining myself as Red Tara. It does wonders for the complexion.)

Live out your commitment to liberating all beings by showing up at work, at school, at play as your immensely magical, completely strange, highly improbable, profoundly offensive, devastatingly awake self.

Likewise, see everyone else - from the barista at the coffee shop to your grumpy boss -  as immensely magical, highly improbable, and devastatingly awake.

Practice the same vivid imagination of yourself as a powerful, awake being before you go to sleep each night. Keep it up.

2. Love Everyone

Every day, practice The Four Immeasurable Thoughts  - especially when people piss you off, or you feel doubtful or disappointed.

Loving everyone doesn't mean coddling anyone or "being nice."  It means being fully committed to healing your own mind of alienation, anger, and attachment so that you can be present in your full power so that everyone else can be, too.


Feel the sexual energy of desire in your body.  Know that that  energy in your genitals is identical with the loving desire in your heart to free everyone.  Trust your eros.

3. Don't Hide

Ask for what you want.  Revel in it. Speak your truths.  Say the real thing instead of the polite or "appropriate" thing. Drop your rules about what people can and can't do around you. Show up and be ready for all kinds of play.

Wham! Magic.

(This is a galaxy. It is magic. It is electric rainbow swirling and not giving a fuck.  Why are you?)

Give people the opportunity to feel shocked, betrayed, and angered by you and what you want and what you feel and think.  How else are they supposed to meet you? How else are you supposed to liberate them?

Let yourself touch and be touched.

How to win

In order to reap the rewards of the Dreamer's Tantra game, there's only three things you need to do:

1) Involve as many people in the game with you as you possibly can

2) Keep playing yourself

3) Protect the game from ever ending


How to use this group

Here, share with us your experiences in playing this game, the Dreamer's Tantra.

How do you change each day as you continue to dream yourself awake, love everyone, and not hide?

What pain comes up for you? And what wonders?

You can use this group to find other people to dream awake with, love wildly, and show up to.

You can be your magic, unstoppable, vast self here with us.





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