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How to Get Enlightened Without Really Trying + Glam Rock!

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How to Get Enlightened Without Really Trying + Glam Rock!

My two major goals in life are to achieve Unconditional Love Consciousness and to become very glittery.  Unsurprisingly, then, I spend a lot of time seeking out enlightened teachers and glam rockers.
What follows are some thought-provoking and glittery-rockin' gems I've been enjoying his week.
The Gems
This is a book that's oft-quoted in some of the far out circles that I run in, and so I tracked it down this week and have been digging in.  Bayman is an independent scholar and I love that about him-- he draws freely on his own spiritual insight as the disciple of a Sufi teacher in order to elucidate connections between Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam) and other mystic traditions.  The work is not just informative-- it's also inspiring and very calming.
(free youtube video series)

I love to watch my youtube gurus like some little old ladies love to watch their network soap opera stories.  Adyashanti is one of my very favorites.  He's much less well-known than Eckart Tolle, but in many ways he's more lucid and accessible.  Adya (as he's fondly called) was just a young California dude who practiced Zen meditation who one day decided to give up "practicing" meditation as he had been taught and experienced a series of profound awakenings. The first few times I listened to him I thought he was "boring"-- and then gradually I got hooked.  He's stating basic nondual truths with such purity and clarity that it's thrilling.
(download the full album for free)

I first met Dan Koshute (aka Dazzeltine) at a Hare Krishna kirtan in the university district of Pittsburgh. I thought to myself, "That man reminds me of Marc Bolan, the legendary elfish glam rocker." Well ladies and gentlemen, this thought of mine is evidence that all that chanting really has brought me into psychic-bliss-cosmic-consciousness because I was dead-on in my intuition.  Dan really is a glam rocker the likes of which we mortals have not seen since the Marc Bolan / David Bowie era.  Check out this album artwork! Check out this album! It's psychedelic sexy sparkle joy. For free!
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I've already had one taker so far in the form of the marvelous Abigail Amalton (@silentinfinite) who tweeted right afterward: "Amazing skype session with @carolynhoney - super inspired. Truly, we can all be supported 100% by love: no need to play to the gatekeepers!"
Check out Abigail's incredible art work.
Also, I'm trying to get an online gift circle forum into motion.  Come make me less lonely over here. Come share your gifts and receive, too.
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