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Heretics, Heart and Hanuman

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Giordano Bruno - collected writings

What a handsome heretic! Check out that cowl.

In 1600, the Roman Inquisition burned at the stake Giordano Bruno, an Italian Dominican friar, on charges of heresy and pantheism. Bruno earned the respect of modern-day depth psychologists like James Hillman and Thomas Moore for his profound insights regarding the relation between the human soul and the cosmos (which he understood as non-hierarchical, with God immanent in every particle -- a view the Catholic Church did not like too much, hence his execution). Today I'm especially digging Bruno's treastise on The Heroic Frenzies, which takes a Socratic view of love as a means of mystical ascent.

The Coherent Heart: A Discussion with Dr. Robert McCraty - interview on Reality Sandwich

I'm a big fan of the research of the somewhat-comically named HeartMath Institute, which proves the dramatic effects of the human heart's electromagnetic field. In this interview, Dr. McCraty, director of research at HeartMath, discusses the Institute's findings and their relevance to the global shift in consciousness we're working toward. This interview puts in simple terms the fascinating phenomenon of coherence -- a state wherein heart rhythms and brain waves match up, amplifying the power of the heart and the health of the body. Interestingly, coherence is created when we generate positive, loving emotional states-- sincere appreciation, compassion, and kindness. The HeartMath Institute's findings scientifically confirm the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions that the heart is the key organ of spiritual growth and change.

Krishna Das - Hanuman Chalisa - youtube music video


One of my favorite means of achieving coherence (apart from loving-kindness meditation) is just listening and singing along to the music of Krishna Das. For those unfamiliar, Krishna Das has been singing kirtan, Sanskrit love chants to the divine, for decades-- a practice he took up when he asked his guru how to meditate to get enlightened and his guru just cryptically replied "Meditate like Jesus." Well sure, just meditate like Jesus! You know, it's easy! -- Krishna Das interpreted the instruction to mean that he should focus on loving God with all his heart, all his mind, and all his strength (Jesus' own advice-- check the Gospel of Matthew) and that he would do this by singing kirtan. His voice has all the deep-bass soul of Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash, layered with immense joy. I once hugged Krishna Das after one of his concerts and was astounded to feel an actual huge, wonderful electro-magnetic pulse emanating from his heart. I think I need to write to Dr. McCraty and ask him to use Krishna Das as a test subject so my experience can be objectively confirmed and published in the annals of science.


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Fear is a Lack of Gratitude  - posted on Monday, is generating lots of thought- provoking discussion about the nature and value of fear.

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