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Lovers Needed

The world needs lovers. Lovers  aren't necessarily people in romantic relationships. They're not necessarily young or old, men or women - or any other demographic category.

Lovers are people for whom love as a profound force and mode of perception - bountiful, particular-yet-universal, ever-new and ever-revealing - is the highest principle and the top priority.

If you're a lover...

  • You want to put your love into the world of form in a way that's both precise and transcendent.
  • You want to let go of the limits that the appearance of scarcity and competition sometimes put on your heart.
  • You catch glimpses of astounding mystery and beauty in the world and seek to amplify and share those visions.
  • Your imagination is more than just a tool for fantasy - it shows you layers of reality that our culture obscures.
  • You sometimes feel frustrated at the uphill battle of making your love manifest through the gravity of your own fear and unhelpful habits.
  • You have painful wounds that come from daily life in a society that values just about everything - money, prestige, drugs, violence, sensation - over love.
  • You receive constant messages from the mainstream culture that you're nuts for valuing connection and heart and community above personal gain.

Well, I don't think you're nuts.  I think you're the hope of this world, and I'm interested in supporting you in every way I can.  I made the Indecision Rescue Kit as a way of helping us lovers lighten up on ourselves.


I've had a goodly amount of trouble articulating just who it is I'm trying to serve and reach with my work.  I've talked about geniuses and brilliant people - but most folks who I see as brilliant and geniuses have trouble identifying with those terms out of their modesty - and also, to speak of someone's genius or brilliance doesn't necessarily get to the core of what attracts me.  I don't get particularly thrilled by people who have a lot of creativity but a lack of heart.

During a visit to beautiful Baltimore this spring I saw a quote from Vincent van Goh on the wall of the American Museum of Visionary Art that just about flipped my brains: "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

Immediately I was like - whoah.  That's true. That's some Capital "T" TRUTH right there.

I can get way excited by art - but art that doesn't come from a place of love or aspiration-towards-love leaves me cold.

After a lot of early success, I withdrew from academia because the posturing and intellectualism turned me off. I experienced first-hand how much disdain there is out there for the notion of love - like it's some ooey-gooey, sentimental, ridiculous thing that we'd all be better off without.

At the same time that I was hearing love insulted left and right, I noticed professors and grad students all around me literally destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol.  One particularly brilliant man did it to the point of suicide-by-overdose.  I think he could have used a lot of the very love he made it a point to disdain.

I want to create a culture where a focus on love and connection is seen as a deep strength rather than a pointless weakness.  Where love isn't just celebrated as exclusionary attachment but as an all-embracing white-hot inspiration. I'm pretty sure such a culture is what my hero Queer Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll join my list so we can keep in touch.  I'll send you the Indecision Rescue Kit as my first gesture of encouragement - and much more will ensue from there.

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4 Steps to Awesomofication - Guest Post by Jen Saunders

Today's guest post comes to us from the lovely and wise Jen Saunders, editor of Wild Sister magazine. I first met Jen in the springtime-- since then I've been enjoying her ever-sunny style and commitment to joy.  Here, she offers us a much needed reminder to slow down and connect.  

4 Steps to Awesomofication



Hey, you! Yes, YOU!

You know you’re AWESOME, right?

What ever you’re doing right now, whether you are drinking your morning cup of coffee, stressing over your daily to-do-list, or sitting on the couch in your pajamas (10 points to anyone who is doing all three!), ask yourself this:

Am I feeling relaxed? Notice your shoulders, your neck, jaw & anything else that feels tense.

Now do what ever you need to do to relax. Sit back in your chair for a second & just… sit. When was the last time you just sat? Not watching TV, not typing or Googling or stalking people on Facebook, just sitting with your head back & your arms relaxed by your side?

If you’re like me, you probably never do that. So stop whatever you’re doing & just sit, be still. Do it now. I’ll join you :)




Welcome back!

Now, take a moment to breathe. Right now.

Not a little, half-arsed breath. Put some effort into it. Stop whatever else you are doing – forget about the to-do-list for just a second – & slowly, take in a big, deep breath.

Breathe in. Hold it.

And let it go. Slowly.

Do it again.

One last time. Breathe in. And out.

Feeling your awesomeness, yet?

If not, try it again. Really pay attention to your breath. Focusing on your breathing is a quick & easy way to bring yourself into the present moment, the only moment that matters – because all we really have is right now. I lost touch of that today, & when I lose touch, I forget my own awesomeness. I was pushing myself too hard, stressing out & trying to accomplish a thousand & one things all at the same time. As always, that lead to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, & extremely tense.

Luckily, I know myself pretty well, especially lately, so once I become aware that I’m not feeling as awesome as I’d like to, I immediately begin the process of re-awesomofying myself.

My Four Steps To Re-Awesomofication: 1. Breathe. The deep breathing & centering exercise that I just described is usually my first step. Breathe in…. Aaand out :)

2. Dance. Put on your favourite playlist of songs. Songs that are positive, upbeat & just so fantastic that your awesome levels have no choice but to rise. It’s just like the slime from Ghostbusters 2 that (spoiler alert!) dances & comes alive to the music – only without that creepy Viggo guy from the painting (Random Fact: My number 1 fear? Viggo. *shudder*).

3. Vent. Talk it out. Hearing yourself talk about the things that you’re freaking out about internally will always make you realise that you are okay, that it’s not as bad as you thought it was, & that you can totally handle it. Most of the time I talk to my fiance, Mike, or my Mum or Dad, but if there’s no-one to talk to I’ll write about what’s worrying me, which is just as good.

4. Laugh. Lastly, invest some time in something that will make you laugh. It can be a TV show or a classic funny movie, otherwise there’s always Youtube, or talk to people who always make you laugh – for me it’s Mike or my brother :)

By the end of all this, your awesomeness will be back to a healthy level & you’ll be ready to handle anything that comes your way!

But, of course, I do have a back-up plan for those rare occasions when all this doesn’t get me the results I want; sleep. If these 4 steps to re-awesomofication don’t lead me back to my usual awesome self, then chances are I’m just exhausted & need to get some rest!

What do you do to re-awesomofy yourself & your life?

Do you have any kickass steps that need to be added to this list? I’d love to hear them! :)

Keep Smiling!

Jen ♥


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