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Dream #5: The Fundamentalist Compound where the earth resurrects a baby

Sonny and Cher run a fundamentalist cult compound

I'm watching a documentary about Sonny and Cher.  They're running a ranch.  The have a huge family-- a narrator says, "Sonny liked to make Cher jealous by cheating on her Friday nights; Cher made Sonny jealous by attracting the attention of the whole village."


There's a scene where a young Cher is playing tennis on the ranch, her long hair swinging around her waist.


Then cut to a rag-tag group of 20 young teen boys.  They're all kids from the same compound; there's about 100 of them total and they split into 5 different groups and fight each other.  There's not enough adults around to control them.  It's like Lord of the Flies. 


Then cut to a scene of a bare-chested and muscled man crowing and strutting, strapped with guns.  He grabs Cher (who is now me) by the waist under a picnic shelter and says to her, "God, I need to make love to you, I need to have a reunion of the tribe, whatever it takes-- no more divisions" and with that he orders the warring factions of the compound to unite.  He says cliques of women have to be separated and declares that his men "take apart close friends" and for all the men to find new wives among the girls.  He advises them, "hit on a girl who's humming" -- meaning someone innocent.


A baby comes back to life 

Next scene, still on the ranch: a man is cradling a baby.  The baby's face is dirty-- her head is at an odd angle-- she's dead.  The baby is just about two weeks old. The man sings to the baby while he digs her a very shallow grave in the loose dirt with one hand.  He puts the baby in the grave and covers her with dirt.  He then walks away.  The view stays on the baby. Close up on the baby's face.  I see that her nose and mouth are still uncovered by dirt.  She starts breathing again, miraculously.  It seems that the earth has brought her back to life rather than accepting her as a buried corpse.


The baby is somehow strong-- it wiggles out of the dirt.  A young woman (me) comes by and picks her up and starts caring for her.


Next, the young woman is inside a cabin, the baby is cleaned up.  The young woman is cuddling and cooing to the baby, who responds with total joy.


A guy comes up to the ranch, a military man in a face uniform and jeers at the shirtless leader and his army of vicious young boys, "You're not even as rich as a mormon," the military man says to the leader, "You little budgets" (he's calling the boys "budgets")


I have a sense of being very attracted to the gun-bearing leader.  I feel pity for the little lost boys.  I feel adoration for the baby-- its tiny little body.




Posted on October 2, 2011 and filed under Dream Journal.