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Ecstatic Joy Jet Fuel

Hey there-- today I'm offering my first ever for-sale thingy on this blog. Check out the goodness:  

Ecstatic Joy Jet Fuel (a guided loving-kindness virtualization)



Feeling like you kind of hate the world and you're not too keen on yourself right now either? That's completely normal in our screwy society and with all of our screwy childhoods.


Yes, it's normal but it sucks. So I suggest you check out Ecstatic Joy Jet Fuel as a means of remedying your discomfort. The name sounds pretty intense, but it's accurate. Loving-kindness virtualization is a powerful practice that completely transformed my life and brought me to levels of happiness that I did not know existed. I'm confident that it can work the same juju on you.


This track (featuring my rather nice voice -- all the time strangers offer to pay me to read them bed time stories and / or try to talk me into a career in public radio) guides you through what can be a tricky process.  You'll learn to vividly imagine and wish for total happiness on behalf of a friend, a neutral person, someone who's hurt you (an "enemy") and yourself.


If you take none of my other suggestions about anything ever, that's okay. Just do loving-kindness virtualization and your life will awesome-- maybe a bit more slowly than if you incorporate some of the other stuff on this blog-- but it will definitely happen.


Ecstatic Joy Jet Fuel - $12.00


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Posted on August 22, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.