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Some Basic Principles of Awesoming

A list. 1) Awesome (perhaps inevitably, for us mere mortals!) cycles through periods of miserable suck in which your lovelight dims and the queasy miasma of vast self-rejection settles in.  It's okay right now to feel mired in a rotten  cesspool of your own spectacular failure.

I feel that way usually at least for one full week out of the month (my PMS is a bloody-mouthed Destroyer of Worlds, and not in that cool way), and sometimes for whole seasons of numbing yuck in which chain-smoking while watching whole tv series consecutively and only leaving the house to go to 12-step meetings or get more cigarettes is a completely valid way to keep from more promptly and actively killing myself.  I felt that way pretty much solid from 2004 - 2009.  It was great.

2) Awesoming your life, despite how very perky the idea may sound, is actually work that involves soul-melting terror.  Soul-melting terror is the essence of sublimity, and awesomeness is sublime.  Things that are also sublime include hurricanes, Antartica, Tristan and Isolde, and my PMS.

3) Awesoming requires a rearrangement of your heart and brain, so that your intuitive-embracing-poetic-oxytocin-pumping-whole-picture-seeing-compassionate-truth-unveiling-heart is in charge of your business and your analytical-judgmental-calculating-dopamine-seeking-miserable-adrenalized-frightened-rabid-squirrel brain is given chamomile tea and gently comforted with a warm blanket.

4) Awesoming entails learning to identify with and live from your fundamental goodness, innocence and wonder rather than with your culturally programmed guilt, striving, and fear.

5) You already engage in awesoming and you're damn good at it or else you wouldn't be alive and reading this.

6) The process of turning the queasy miasma of vast self-rejection into fertilizer for your slowly-magestically-spinning-sparkling-blue-lotus-of-self-realization is an alchemical one.

It involves paying attention to your dreams, dialoguing with your moods, meditating, journaling, sharing your feelings openly and non-violently with others, playing pretend, writing poetry and making art, throwing parties, dressing up, enacting freaky rituals in moonlight that would scare your mom, singing songs, and loving people both madly and tepidly, as the situation requires.

7) Awesoming isn't something that's given much space and encouragement in our society.  Mostly because when you're engaged in the work of awesoming you're much less interested in buying stuff, you become allergic to lies, you tend to share generously in public and you bring forth spurtzing geysers of joy into the world.  All of which greatly interferes with global corporate capitalism.

So, there you have it.  Awesoming is hard and mostly non-glamorous work.

Highly non-glamorous things I often do in the service of awesoming include:

1) Sitting in moldy church basements and over-heated social halls at 12-step meetings every week.

2) Crying and freaking out.

3) Making food in my tiny-ass closet of a kitchen for folks I may or may not immediately like.

4) Devoting whole days to questioning the reality of my thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, Byron Katie-style.

5) Faithfully studying New Age tomes  and self-help books from the 1970s like A Course in Miracles, A New Earth, The Handbook to Higher Consciousness, and The Nature of Personal Reality.

6) Hanging out at drum circles with people older than my parents who unselfconsciously chant in made-up "Native American" languages and refer to the world as "the matrix."

7) Blogging.

8) Passing up on real jobs in order to have more time for all of the above.

All of which is to say.... awesoming is counter-cultural, difficult, time-consuming, subjects one to accusations of dorkiness and to being made fun of by 16 year olds, and totally worth it.

Because when the foul miasma of rotten self-rejection lifts and I get peeks at my true nature and everyone else's true nature of massive, throbbing, heart-pounding lovelight glory -  well, that just rocks.


5 Minutes Toward Beauty

Dear Reader, 5 Minutes Toward Beauty is one of the 4 Tools to Awesome Your Life which we haven't yet discussed much. Today I want to talk about these 5 Minutes and their power.

What Is It?

With the 5 Minutes Towards Beauty tool, we just decide to take 5 minutes of our life each day and devote them towards creating something that's not practical or expedient.  What we create doesn't have to be "beautiful" in the classic sense of "wow, that's lovely" but it does have to be beautiful in the sense that it exists for no other reason than to give delight.

In this sense, anything we create that's just fun or extravagant counts for the 5 Minutes Towards Beauty.  In other words, you don't have to paint the Mona Lisa.  It works just as well to make up a song about your socks as you get dressed in the morning.

Why Do It?

Devoting 5 Minutes Toward Beauty each day has the effect of aligning you with a central operating principle of the universe-- extravagant creativity.  I don't know if you've noticed, but whatever forces there are whipping up this world, they are not stingy with creating things that are gorgeous, fun, and weird.

When we decide to be very grown up and just limit ourselves to creating things that serve our little grown up identities and our purely practical concerns, we cut ourselves off from this central operating principle. And we suffer for it-- we feel bored, dead, lifeless, depressed.  We might develop neuroses-- being overly concerned about what other people think about us, feeling like our only value lies in how much money we have or how dazzling our career looks.

Those troubles are all symptoms of creative deficiency.  They come from not being aligned with a central principle of the universe.  Alignment with the spiritual principles that the world turns upon is necessary for us as human beings, because it connects us with positive forces much larger than ourselves that can awesome our lives far beyond our most daring hope.

How to Do It?

Aligning with spiritual principles is a matter of adjusting both attitude and action. Both of these adjustments happen through making small daily decisions.  In order to align with creativity, we need to adjust our attitudes by deciding to see ourselves as divine collaborators in the service of the greatest piece of installation art ever--  planet earth -- not just as self-interested agents out to stay afloat.  Similarly, we need to adjust our actions by deciding to make a small gesture each day that's in line with the spirit of our new decision about ourselves: 5 Minutes Toward Beauty.

Yeah, But What Can I Really Do In 5 Minutes?

More than you think! Here's a list of things that have worked for me and my associates:

1. Make up new song lyrics to your favorite tunes.

Lately I've been working up on coming up with new chants to chant to the Hare Krishna melodies I most enjoy.

2. Propagate tall tales about the unlikely and fantastic adventures of you heroic friends.

"Did you guys hear about the time Connor uncovered a lost treasure of Aztec coins at the bottom of the Highland Park Reservoir and distributed them to orphans in Lawrenceville after presenting his find at the London Archaelogical Society?"

3. Make up nick names for your friends. Keep going till you get one that sticks.

My friend Jon has  surprisingly blond hair which he vigorously denies he has ever dyed. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for me and all others to call him Peroxide Jonny.

My friend Terry has a natural gift for leadership and a penchant for pants which are so close-fitting they remind me of super-hero tights.  Therefore: Boy Wonder.

4. Dream up a rad party to throw. I'm excited about the upcoming Genius Gathering and the Lavender Picnic Tea-Time Fantasia.

5. Draw a stick-figure comic strip about you, your pals and your latest adventure.

6. Open an inspiring cookbook, choose a recipe and decide on your own special twist to add to it.

From recent experience, I suggest Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

7. Invent a new kind of yoga.

The glorious Jane Bullard and I are working on something called Bhakti Flow-- stay tuned for more details!  But there's a whole world out there of innovation for you to still innovate. Like, who's gonna teach me Gardening Yoga? Or Big Fat Doggy Power Style? Perhaps you?

8. Start a blog and write a post.

Then make sure you tell me about it so I can read it, link to it, and love it.

Image Credit: Pink Flowering Gum by Tatters, found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.