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Technicolor Galaxies and Burst Stars- Inspirational Crack

I just spoke to the sweet folks at NASA this morning, working on getting their permission to use images from their Chandra X-ray Observatory for my book.

I want to encourage my brilliant readers to take some time to look through the whole big collection of these images on flickr. They're the most astounding images of outer-space I've ever seen.



I bring these to your attention because I think they're first-class high-grade inspirational crack.  What do I mean by that? Well, looking at these images is addictive and hypnotic in that good way. I can't stop looking at them.


When I'm viewing these jaw-droppers, I think about how there are forces out their in the universe (I like to think of them as the Divine Wow but maybe you want to say "physics") that made them-- which is the same energy that creates you and me and everything.


I'd offer that these images are some fresh evidence of the universe's genius at work-- a genius that we're free to tune into and partake of by practicing spiritual principles.  Doesn't knowing that get you a little high with wonder?