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Gravity and Grace + Raw Blues + Bad Lip Reading

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Hello certain someone,

Today we've got a severe French theologian, an album of piquant bluesy songs recorded in a bedroom, and the most surreal and hilarious political humor a girl could ever ask for.


The Gems

Gravity and Grace by Simone Weil

Low cost life coaching, gravity and grace, Simone Weil


It's not that I agree with the great French philosopher and theologian Simone Weil on most points: she was much more severe and ascetic than I would ever hope to be. But her stark, unromantic and completely unsentimental thinking about the nature of divinity and the forces of habit and competition that govern everyday life (which she called "gravity") is so rigorous that it's breath-taking. This book is basically a compilation of aphorisms. Though it's pithy, it's dense. I've read it about 10 times now, and I think I'm close to understanding it. My very favorite part is in the first chapter on page 3, where Weil offers the insight that there is truly only one fault possible in human nature: the incapacity to take energy directly from divine light. All other faults, all "sins"-- greed, lust, gluttony, etc. are merely the ways that humans seek to gain energy from things other than divinity and in doing so hurt themselves and others. Whoah. In my experience, this is totally true. I become more free from my shortcomings the more I'm able to tune in and gain energy directly from love rather than from stuff out in the world.


The Room Demos - Raw Guru

Room demos, raw guru, low cost life coaching, surrender gravity and grace

Having recently recorded my own little lo-fi album, I've gotten more interested in the genre. And this is a wonder of it: intense, hot, menacing blues. Raw Guru sounds a like Jim Morrison holed up in a desert motel with a microphone and a guitar. Love.


Bad Lip Reading


I'm inclined to think that Bad Lip Reading should just be called Spot-on Brilliance, but I guess that's a less-descriptive title. The geniuses behind these pop and political spoof videos take real footage of our nation's idols speaking or singing, watch them without sound, and make up what it looks like the idols could be saying. The result: dazzling videos like the one which has kept me cracked up for days, wherein it looks for all the world like Herman Cain is really saying stuff like, "Maximus holds the patent on rice cream and you have to go make it-- it's gooooooood" and "Women have a special feelin' though-- they have an extra fatal lady shimmer of no maximum strength-." The surreal words of the videos just serve to highlight the actual meaninglessness of what politicians and pop musicians habitually jabber. It's. So. Grand.


The Update

On the blog, there's an insightful guest post from Samuca Love on Occupying Your Heart.


I haven't been posting as much as usual because I've been wearing out my clicking fingers trying to get my book, Awesome Your Life: The Artist's Antidote to Suffering Genius up and ready for sale on in Amazon's Kindle Store! Almost there... click click click. ;)


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Love! Carolyn