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A Sexpot Star + Your Heroic Journey + Money as Debt

[Whenever I send out a new letter with 3 gems from the interweb, I reprint one from a month previous right here.  If you want to catch the gems while they're fresh and hot, go ahead and sign up for the letter here.] Dear wonderful genius,

This week we're a little off-schedule because I spent two days on planes travelling to the small town of Cuttack, India--where I'm now getting to know my partner's family and being overfed great Indian food.


Oooh La La Tu Hai Meri Fantasy - music video


This bubbly hit song from Dirty Picture, a film about Silk, India's first sex-pot star, is blasting on stereos all over Cuttack. It's as sweet as a mouthful of cotton candy and oh-so-catchy. I have to share it with you to get it out of my head!

Hero With a Thousand Faces - book


This month I'm revisiting this illuminating classic by Joseph Campbell about the universal spiritual adventure underlying all myths and folktales. Campbell's work is a mix of hard scholarly fact and tremendously wise insight. I love to watch films and read novels while asking myself about what in the story corresponds to the plot movements that Campbell noted: What's the Call to Adventure? Who's the Mentor? Where's the Inmost Cave? When I do this, I get better at understanding the movements of adventure in my own life and learn more about what it truly means to be a hero.

Money as Debt - animated movie


The biggest heroic journey of our time might be the movement to question and alter the very foundations of our present financial system, a system which is so damaging to our earth and to human happiness. This probing gift of a film concisely and simply explains the dangerous sleights-of-hand that make money out of debt and imprison countless people in a painful cycle. A must-see for today's heroes.


"Surrender Your Addiction to Suffering - Part One" has gotten more hits than any other post in my blog's history! It's great to know that the quest for deep freedom resonates with so many folks.

Andrew Long, of the delightful Excellence blog, gave a happy review of my book, Awesome Your Life: The Artist's Antidote to Suffering Genius on Amazon: "Carolyn has a real gift: it lies in evoking the latent brilliance that resides in each one of us. If you're ready for it, this course will take you for a ride. Her writing is also a gift: it is fun, funny, easy to connect with, and encouraging. Her voice is warm, coaxing, and personal. I feel like I've known her for a long time."

Thanks, Andrew! You can check out the book for yourself right here.

Love and joy!