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The Outlaw Court - where magic becomes power

We  magic people all know what it's like to feel downtrodden, misunderstood, and woefully disheartened by the  slog of life in conventional muggle society.

The muggles (DISCLAIMER: no one is truly and permanently a muggle.  Every living being is actually intensely magical - but if  someone is in denial about her magic, then she's functioning as a muggle and there's really no other way to say it, sad as it is)  have about a zillion means of raining on our ecstatic enchanted parades.

I've seen dear friends of mine locked up for weeks in institutions simply for expressing too much raucous joy while in a state of kundalini awakening.

I've also seen  fabulous magic people descend into addiction or depression because they just don't know how to make a sustainable living from their magic gifts in this muggle-dominated world.

I'm not going to sit idly by while the Nothing destroys my people.  I'm committed to bringing magic back to its rightful place at the center of our culture and helping magic people to flourish.

The Nothing =  the conditioned negative feelings and beliefs within all of us fear, self-pity, anxiety, self-doubt, resentment, worry, ignorance  in all its forms -- and the relentlessly boring, violent, ugly, consumerist world that springs up when people put their trust in the Nothing instead of in their magic. The Nothing is also the source of all the Static that slows us down in working on our Things.

In the Outlaw Court we're sparking a large-scale Rebirth of Magic (i.e., a Renaissance - from the French "naissance" meaning "birth" and the prefix "re" meaning "again").  And I'm inviting you to bring your fuel to the Renaissance-ing Fire at the cozy and dangerous outpost I'm founding for magic renegades who have a dear Thing that they want to bring forth into the world.

A Thing = a masterpiece, a business, a project, a calling, a relationship, a comedy troupe, a family, a dog show, a knitting group - could be any or all or none of these or something else.  Magic people just have Things they need to bring forth.  That's how the Nothing gets dissolved and how the Renaissance thrives. Through the Things magic people do.

The Nothing is practically impossible for us each to fight alone.  Many of us magic people have tragically gone crazy or gotten addicted to drugs or other numbing agents in the effort to survive the fight solo.  

Yet together - we can dissolve the power of the Nothing in our own hearts, thereby liberating ourselves and those around us.  Eventually we can reclaim this whole green globe  for the reign of  Magic, Imagination, Hotness, and Love - all while staying sane and thriving in the material realm.

So what exactly is the Outlaw Court?


The Outlaw Court is a (virtual, imaginal) ramshackle-yet-strangely-opulent outpost in a primeval forest  presided over by a benevolent-yet-also-unspeakably-wicked fairy queen  (ahem, c'est moi) where  magic people from all over the earth (and some other planets and dimensions too, to be honest) band together around a roaring hearth to outwit the soul-crushing Nothing and make GIANT progress on the projects that matter most to  us.


(image: Court of the Faeries by James Christensen)

It's the place where we take our magic and turn it into power - power to make stuff happen while feeling easeful and grand.

In other words, the Outlaw Court is a  secret Facebook group where you get massive support for your magic and your Thing.  To find out more about the forms in which that support manifests, read on.

Yeah, but what's the vibe like?

The vibe is playful and weird and sexy and intimate. It's very fun and smart and quite intensely wonderful.

The Outlaw Court, unlike it's vast mega-festival of a sister group, The Dreamer's Tantra (7000+ members and counting! all of whom you are certainly welcome to join if you haven't already!) is a limited-membership, private, adults-only (18+) affair dedicated to serious magic, serious business, and serious fun. Seriously.

At the Outlaw Court, you don't need to downplay your strength or your vulnerability at all.

You can show up in  your full radiant regalia or just lay in a pile of misery on the floor.  Either way you'll get love and attention for all the parts of yourself and your dreams that need it.

The Outlaw Court proudly shelters and supports magic people of all stripes and flavors:

  • techno-shamans
  • intuitives
  • empaths
  • music-makers
  • dreamers of dreams
  • psychonauts
  • mad artists
  • tantrikas
  • cyber-punks
  • visionary poets
  • shape-shifters
  • dakinis
  • Taoist sages
  • wild beasts
  • gods
  • goddesses
  • muses
  • courtesans
  • witches
  • warlocks
  • everyone else who is awesome
  • - and obviously! - every sort of fairy

What You Get as a Courtier in the Outlaw Court


In 2013 - 2014 Outlaw Courtiers receive:

-  free access to frequent Courtier-led  Conjurings

Conjurings = we Courtiers gather in a Google hangout, review our progress on our Thing, celebrate our advances, brainstorm,  and decide on one action step we'll each complete on our Thing before the next Conjuring.

- free access to weekly Coaching Circles offered by  me (these Coaching Circles will cost more than $25 a pop for non-courtiers).

Coaching Circles = intimate group events wherein I give exquisite attention to individual Courtiers to individually to draw out their deepest desires and alchemize that desire into love and power.

- eligibility for the Magical Monthly Gifting

The Magical Monthly Gifting = each month, it's my good pleasure to choose a different Courtier to gift with a lump sum that I've decided to set aside by earmarking a $3 portion of what comes in from each Courtier's subscription fees.  So for example - when we get up to 1000 Courtiers in the group, the Magical Monthly Gifting I'll be able to award will be $3000.

NOTE: for official purposes, I need to mention that the Magical Monthly Gifting is not a lottery or even a guarantee.  It's just me telling you about something I happen to plan to do with a part of each subscription fee that I receive. The subscription payments, once I receive them, will be legally mine (as in, I'll be taxed on them as income). It just so happens that I like to give, so I plan to give.  And I'm letting you know that.  It could also be that I get taken over by a non-gifting virus and decide not to do the Magical Monthly Gifting at all. Very unlikely, but possible. And that non-gifting, though tragic and lamentable, would be my legal right, because it's my own personal taxed income that I can choose to gift or not gift.  So, just a heads up, folks.

- access to an ever-growing, brilliantly-curated Magic Library of rare books, music, and video resources.

The Magic Library = a page in the Files section of the Outlaw Court secret Facebook group with links to astounding riches to fuel your growth.

- and last but certainly not least: a vibrant, intimate, and loving forum full of magic people from around the world who've been self-selected for their willingness to dissolve the Nothing in themselves and others and bring about the Rebirth of Magic.

What Will Happen in the Outlaw Court

Multidimensional breakthroughs. Explosive revelations. Dissolution of blocks and fears.  The shrinking of the Nothing. The nurturing of businesses and the makings of the monies.  The healing of battle wounds. The births of tantric dragon bodhisattvas. The fulfillment of goals and wishes.  Much rejoicing.



The Outlaw Court - though very friendly and cozy - is not for everyone.

We're about the pragmatic practice of real-life emotional alchemy and gritty, bloody, sexy,  fierce compassion - and not so so so much about  "love & light!"  and feel-good memes (except, you know, when we are).

This means that the Outlaw Court is best for magic people who are self-responsible adults (18+ only - sorry, kids) and who have a general tantric orientation towards life (i.e., you embrace all phenomenon- including passionate desire and anger and heartbreak as part of your path).

"So how much does this cost?"


Pioneer Courtiers who join in the months of October, November and December 2013 will enjoy a subscription rate of just $13 a month, and just so you know -  $3 out of each payment I'll be setting aside to my Magical Monthly Gifting.   The Pioneer Courtiers will continue to enjoy this same $13 per month  subscription rate throughout their stay at the Outlaw Court.

Courtiers who join after 2013 will enjoy a higher subscription rate. 'Cause thems the breaks.

"What if I sign up and then change my mind and want out?"


Mind-changing is cool.  Plus, I only want you to be in the Outlaw Court if you really want to be there.  So if you decide it's not for you, send me an email at and I'll cancel your subscription payment for all future months and then take you out of the group and wish you very happy magic travels.   I won't be offering refunds for subscription payments that have already processed, though.  So if you join us, you'll be at least paying for one month's subscription.

"Okay, I'm in. Where do I join?"

Initiation into the Outlaw Court has four steps.  Three of which you do - one of which I do.

Please allow up to 72 hours for the whole process to happen - right now I'm a one-woman show who handles all administrative stuff solo.

NOTE: In addition to being a one-woman show, I'm also a tad absent-minded (kind of like Merlin - so many potions to brew, so little time!).  So if it seems to you like there's a snag in the process or it's taking longer than 72 hours for your add to the group to go through - please don't stress.  Just send me lots of love and another email and / or Facebook message to remind me to add you. Thank you.

1) Click the PayPal "Subscribe" button below and enter your debit, credit card, or PayPal account information.  I'll receive an email verifying your subscription payment.

2) After you enter your payment for subscription, send me an email at with the subject heading "I'm ready for the Outlaw Court."  Include in the email your name on Facebook (very important so I can friend you and add you to the group!).  Also include in the email your answers to the following three questions so that I can introduce you to the group:

  • a) How has magic evidenced itself so far in your life?
  • b) What is your Thing, or what might your Thing be?
  • c) What are your super-powers?

3) Accept my Facebook friend request (very important - this step has to happen in order for me to add you to the group!).  My Facebook friend request should appear for you within 48 hours.  You can also get proactive about it and send me a friend request.  Oooh la la! So exciting! My name on Facebook is Carolyn Elliott.  Same as my actual name.

NOTE: If we're already Facebook friends it's a very good idea to send me a Facebook message and be like "Hey, what's up Carolyn? I subscribed to the Outlaw Court! Yay! Add me to the secret group!"

4) I add you to the group, introduce you to the gang of Courtiers using the answers to the questions you sent me , and the adventure begins!

The Incredibly Alluring and Delicious PayPal Subscribe Button


Oooooooooooh.  Isn't it so golden and shiny?

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Making Stuff Happen: Practical Organizing

Because I'm lovey-dovey and generally absent-minded, I need tools and habits and tricks to get myself to generate happenings on this material plane.  Those tools and habits and tricks are generally discussed (in corporate-speak, by very corporate-y people) under the name "productivity" (an awful term that makes me think of the modern lust to commodify everything) or (even worse!) "life hacks."  I would find the term "life hack" to be acceptable if it referred to the process of fundamentally wiping out yucky cultural programming and replacing it with a fresh, ecstatic operating system a la Terrence McKenna- but, alas -  usually when people say "life hack" they really mean "neat tip to help me reach a completely boring and conventional goal.")  I prefer the term "generation" to "productivity."

So I've developed a process that helps me to make manifest all the wonderful things I want to see.  This process is heavily inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done.  Getting Things Done, or GTD as it's known by its many accolytes, is a productivity system that can be used for just about any purpose.  I highly recommend the book - but be forewarned - its target audience is 50 year old corporate CEOs who play golf like it's their religion.  This means it doesn't much appeal to most of us counter-cultural types - which is unfortunate.  Because we at the living edge of consciousness need to be just as empowered to complete projects as the old guard of the old paradigm.  In fact, we need it way more.

I call my process "making stuff happen" instead of "getting things done" - in part because I find that "done" never really occurs.  I'm never done with my life.  I'm hardly ever even done with particular projects.  It's very similar to Allen's system, but it makes some important adjustments and allowances.  Also, I've written it up here just specifically for you, my fellow love bombs.

Making Stuff Happen: How to Do It

1. Devote at least 15 minutes to de-cluttering your environment and gathering stuff together that you have to deal with.

If you're like me you live in a jungle of books, clothes, bowls of tastiness, cups and art projects.  Before your thinker will work properly, I invite you to buckle down and tidy up a bit.  This might be painful.  It always is for me.  Why? Because it involves making decisions about what to do with that clutter.  The trick to this is to accept that these decisions involve pain and to embrace that pain.  Sometimes the decisions are easy: the dirty plates go in the sink.  But sometimes they're tough: where do I put these random bottles of vitamins my mom gave me? I'll never take them if I put them away. I'll forget about them.  For the purpose of this decluttering, the default answer is: it's okay to hide stuff away and forget about it.  Sorry, bottle of B-3 at the bottom of my bathroom drawer.

2. Make a giant master list of everything you want to make happen.

Sit down in your glorious de-cluttered space and make a big sprawling list of everything that's on your mind.  This list must include both giant projects ("Compose an album of songs that are hymns from the ancient Babylonian love cult that exists only in my mind"; "Throw a giant consciousness party so great that it would make Alex Grey's brain melt"; "Salvage democracy") and also the little tiny niggling details that are buzzing about your brain ("figure out how to get stains from last week's bachannal off the sheets"; "buy more coconut oil.")

Think about every area of life in which you've committed to make any outcome happen.  Are you committed to becoming vegan, to keeping your cat fed, to resolving your inner conflict over feeding meat to your cat? You've got to write all that stuff down, no matter how big or how small.

3. Figure out a single little "next step" for every item on your giant master list, do it if it'll take less than 10 minutes and organize reminders for your next steps on index cards and on your calendar.

Once you've got your giant list of all the stuff that you want to make happen (it's usually at least three or four pages long for me), take a deep breath.  That was the easy part.  Now, time for more decision-making!

You've got to figure out, one by one, a tiny little "next step" for every item on your big list.  Get yourself pumped up and excited for this decision mode.  You are a decision-making divinity!  Remember that it's seriously okay for some of your decisions to suck and be inadequate.  The universe has a way of adjusting for that.  The important thing is that you not stay stuck and paralyzed by how much there is to make happen and finding the most perfect, best possible way to make it happen. There is no best possible way.  Instead, get busy deciding what's the most possible way. Find a next, tiny, minute thing you could do to materialize every last thing on your list, even things you're not completely sure that you truly want to do.

If the next tiny thing you could do to advance each of your projects would take less than two minutes, go ahead and just do it.

For all the other next steps, make sure you have a little system of index cards and a calender set up to hold written reminders of them.

Here's how I do this: I take a pile of index cards. At the top of each card, I write the name of a specific context in which I do various stuff.  So, "Home" "Out and About in the Neighborhood" "Facebook" "Phone" "With Sophie" "At Grocery Store" "Email" "Google," etc.  After I have all my little index cards set up, I take a look at my master list.  Let's say the top thing on the list is "Compose an album of songs from the ancient Babylonian love cult that exists only in my mind." I have to ask myself: Okay, Carolyn - what's the very next tiny little step that you could do to make this happen?

After much painful reflection, I decide that the next little step I could do for my Babylonian love cult concept album would be to set some time aside to try to hum up a fresh melody.  I'd probably want to do that at home.  So on my index card labeled "Home" I write, "Spend fifteen minutes dreaming up a new melody  for the love cult album and record it on my phone."  I also go ahead and pencil in an appointment with myself on my calendar.  10 am Monday is my time to hum.  Then, because my album is a project that will require many more steps to ultimately make it happen, I have to make sure I have a reminder in place that will tell me to come back to it and think of a new next step for it (after I've completed the one I just wrote down). So I create another index card.  This one is titled "Projects." On "Projects" I write "Complete Babylonian love cult album."

The next item on my master list is "buy more coconut oil." That one's easy. I write that down on the "Grocery Store" index card and forget about it.  The third item on my list is "Salvage democracy." Hmmmm. That's a tough one. I'm not even 100% sure I want to be responsible for that.  But for now, I just ask myself: what's the next tiny little thing I could do to make it happen? Well, I think consensus-decision making processes are the future of democracy.  So I guess I need to learn more about those.  Better look on my friend Caroline's website to see if she's teaching a workshop on the subject any time soon. This takes less than two minutes, so I just go ahead and do it.  Let's say I find out she's teaching just the workshop I need next Saturday at 1.  I go ahead and put that on my calendar. Then, since salvaging democracy is a big project unto itself (unlike buying coconut oil) I stick "Salvage democracy" onto my "Projects" index card.

By the time I'm done with this, I usually have two Projects card that are packed front-and-back with the names of about sixty projects ranging from "Reach unconditional love consciousness" to "Do laundry."

I also have about ten context-specific index cards that are full of next steps and a calendar all filled up with Very Important things to do.

The point of all this "next tiny step" thinking is that it breaks down any resistance that comes from uncertainty, and gives me momentum to move forward with confidence.

4. Make Stuff Happen

After all this laborious thoughtful decision making has been done, it's only left to hit the ground and start doing the steps you listed.  My index cards usually contain enough specific instructions to keep me going for three or four days.

5. Spend a Lot of Time Meditating and Reflecting

This isn't one of Allen's instructions for Getting Things Done, but I've read all about how he's quietly an spiritual weirdo (like us) so it probably is part of his own practice.  This is super-important because if you don't spend a lot of time meditating and cultivating your higher consciousness, it's really super easy to become so obsessed with the little niggling details of making stuff happen that you lose all perspective.  Like, maybe it's not really my job to salvage democracy.  I won't know that, though, unless I go within and really find that answer for myself.  Until I do it'll sit on my Projects list, demanding that I come up with next steps to actualize it.  Through meditation and reflection I can learn to let go of Projects that aren't truly important to me and to keep the ones that are.

5. Do It All Over Again

After about three or four days I complete most of the tasks on my next step index cards.  That means it's time to take a look at my Projects card and decide on new next steps that have to happen.  Then I have to organize those next steps onto fresh cards and keep rolling.  Yes, this means I end up spending a lot of time with index cards.  But it's so worth it.  Because those index cards become like little brains that think for me when my mind is numb.  When I'm sitting in front of my computer, tempted to just watch more Robert Anton Wilson videos and  play on Facebook yet desiring to be productive, I can glance at those cards and get simple, direct instructions about what stuff to do to move my projects ahead.  It's a cool feeling.

In Conclusion

Whoah, man.  That's a lot.  My best wishes to you in your own process of making stuff happen.


image: [Anosmia]

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