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You Might be a Love Bomb If...

love bomb At the Evolver Convergence, multiple people referred to me as a "love bomb."  I'd never heard quite this appellation before, but since there was such widespread consensus about it, I figured it must mean something quite specific.  So, I've decided to take up the term to specifically describe sexy, far-out people who do lots of organizing and nurturing in their communities for the purpose of bringing about the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible (i.e., the gift world).

I've noticed that every Evolver Sporeganizer is a love bomb, but there are plenty non-sporeganizer love bombs out in the world.  (Although if you are a love bomb, you'd probably adore sporeganizing for Evolver! If you're interested in doing that, you should email me at sweetsongofjoy at gmail dot com and I'll introduce you to folks who can help you get started).

So, you might be a love bomb if:

  • You've hosted 3 or more potlucks in the past twelve months.
  • You're brimming with ideas for gorgeous events that positively transform people's awareness. You sometimes get so excited about these events that you can't sleep.
  • You often find yourself carrying big bags of magic to-and-from events. My bag of magic often includes crayons, musical instruments, peacock feathers, masking tape, glitter, cookies, crystals, Mardi Gras masks and lamps - yours might entail records, instruments, books, power cords and sceptres of unspeakable power. Whatever's in there, though, it's magic.
  • When inviting friends to a small gathering you sincerely consider the balance of sun signs (i.e., you don't really want to invite ALL Scorpios, do you?)
  • You devote considerable time each day to some kind of spiritual practice. You consider your organizing work to be itself a kind of devotional service to the universe and a spiritual practice.
  • You've spent more time making Facebook invitations and posting flyers in your lifetime than you really care to admit.
  • You're highly intuitive.
  • You  just want to see people freely connecting and engaging and loving each other and you're pretty damn great at making that happen.
  • You consider your events to be major successes if while attending them you feel like you're on MDMA without having taken anything and you can tell other people are feeling the same way.

... if this is going on in your life, you might be a love bomb!

I'm sure my list wasn't at all exhaustive - so now I ask you, love bombs - please tell me in the comments section - what are other tell-tale signs of love-bombness?

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Posted on June 20, 2012 and filed under Creativity.

How to build a love-puddle community via creation rather than consumption

  So, I'm a sporeganizer for Evolver Pittsburgh.


Me and my pal Sophie had a talk with Remi Gurak and Jonathan Talat-Phillips, one of the founders of Evolver this morning, about how we're successfully building community in our spore.  He asked me to write an email to send out to the whole world-wide Evolver network about it.


After spending the afternoon writing the email and putting in all the links, I had a feeling like-- hey, this is relevant not just to sporeganizers but to everyone interested in fostering community.


So here, I reproduce the letter for your reading joy.



First, a few quick tid bits about us:

We started around this time last year.  We're going strong now with a core group of about 6 - 8 people who consistently show up to ALL the planning meetings and events and of that core, 3 of us regularly take on leadership responsibilities. We've thrown 3 big consciousness parties-- two events called Interweaves (attendance 150 - 200 -- here's video of our gorgeous fire spinners and live art), and one amazing outdoor live ritual theater fairy-themed Solstice celebration (about 300 souls-- here we are setting up the dark fairy camp -- and here we are in the fiery midst of it). We usually see groups of between 10 - 15 at our monthly events.


So what's working?

Charles Eisenstein's essay, A Circle of Gifts, has influenced us all very deeply.  In the essay, Charles makes an excellent and eye-opening point which I think of now every day- that community comes from creating together and not from consuming together.


1. Parties 

We have such a strong core group in large part because we throw ourselves into doing the big visionary parties.


When we're making a party happen, we're not just sharing information or talking with each other, we're creating something wild and wonderful that's so much bigger than anything we could accomplish individually. We all get a chance to share our deep talents as artists and metaphysicians. We rely on one another to show up and do our parts so that the parties happen.  If someone drops their ball, we all are worse off for it.  If someone does an excellent job, we all benefit.


That reliance- -well, to me it's extremely tender-- and at the risk of sounding like a big old sap, I have to tell you that my fellow evolvers make my heart melt with gratitude again and again as we do this work together -- I've turned into a giant puddle of happy mush while looking at a gorgeous labyrinth that Josh built for Solstice, or an incredibly well-thought-out to-do list that Sophie made for Interweave.


As a result of all this mush-making, I've fallen rather hopelessly in love with everyone in the spore.  So I'm willing to go extra miles to make them feel mushy.  So the happiness spreads.


Also- bonus -- through the big parties more people find out about Evolver, think we're super-cool, and come to our other stuff and help us plan.


2. Gift Circles


Back to A Circle of Gifts again!  Charles also outlines in that essay how to hold gift circles.  With Transition Pittsburgh, we've had some incredible gift circles.


Here's a brief video of one - check out all those hot evolving and transitioning folks. ;)


Through the gift circles, we deepen our reliance on one another-- so not only are we helping each other throw the parties, we're also helping each other learn psychic abilities, get healed through reiki, fix up our organic gardens, clean house, set up websites, etc. etc. in an endless whirling blur of goodness.


Also-- we draw more folks into our orbit-- 'cause man, who doesn't love a gift circle?


3. Potlucks

When we were just all getting to know each other at first in gift circles, one of the main things that people would ask for when stating their needs was just "that we would all spend more time together."
So now we have at least one potluck event a month (usually ends up being more than that somehow-- I guess 'cause we love to eat?).  Sometimes it's part of a planning meeting and sometimes it's part of a spore, and sometimes it's just for the hell of it --  but we eat together while we work on evolving consciousness.  And that makes stuff cozy and a bit more down to earth ('cause man, stuff can get heady - check out this conversation at our Technology spore).

We've got kind of big extended family vibe going on now, and I think we just want to be close to each other. So we go ahead and make that happen.


In Conclusion
I just want to mention, as I did to Jonathan and Remi this morning-- that connecting with folks through Evolver has made my social life richer and more joyous than ever before. "Find the others"-- indeed! I have! And they ROCK!
If any of you would like to talk with us about how to pull off big parties, gift circles, or pot lucks--- please go ahead and do so.  We're really itching to get to know our brothers and sisters all over the network better.