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Get Internet Famous: Do Tribal Blog Syndication

Dear reader,  

I'm thrilled to be a part of Corbett Barr's Million Dollar Blog Project over on ThinkTraffic. I'm keeping my daily blog accountability journal over on the Million Dollar Blog Project site, where you can also sign up to join in the fun. Like everyone else in the project (over 200 bloggers, last time I looked) I have the big goal of making $100,000 a year for the next ten years via my blog (which adds up to.... a million dollars, of course!). I plan to do this by selling my Antidote to Suffering Genius online course, which I plan to launch this coming winter.


Of course, the trick to making a nice living online is to get sufficient attention and reach a large audience.


All that bling is for a good cause: you and me and everyone else.



If you have a blog, you know how tough it can be to get folks other than your best friends to read your stuff and thus be benefitted by your lava flow of greatness.


This happens just because the interwebs are a big, big place; it takes connections to get noticed; and sometimes making those connections can be a head-scratching process.


Tribal Blog Syndication Makes Connections Easy


That's why tribal blog syndication is so cool. It's a system whereby a group of bloggers gets together with the common goal of sharing their stuff with the world.  It speeds up connections exponentially. In one common place, all the bloggers offer links to posts that they would like to share. For each one post that a blogger offers, she agrees to comment upon and promote two other posts from other tribe members to her own social networks.


This creates exponential exposure for everyone involved.


Helping One Another Make it to a Million Dollars: Join in on the forum!

I proposed to Corbett that we Million Dollar Bloggers might help each other out and get to know one another by participating in a tribal blog syndication group together. Corbett invited me to go ahead and set up a place to make that happen, so I did.  You can check it out right here.  You can log into the forum with your twitter or facebook account. If you blog and aspire to get big, it would be great if you joined us.


I learned how to do blog syndication from the wonderful Jacqueline Gates over on the Goddess Circle private forum.


Check out Jacqueline giving her inimitable explanation of the tribal syndication process:




Love! Carolyn