Frequently Asked Questions

I'm here to help. Below are some common questions regarding my process. 

Q. I live in California, but I love your work. Can I still work with you?

A. Of course! The Internet is an amazing thing! We can you Skype, Phone, or Email to communicate. ;)

Q. Is coaching right for me?

A. I believe that everyone can benefit from working with a skilled coach - but as to whether I'm the right skilled coach for you, that's a more involved question. I work best with people who are resourceful, motivated high-achievers with a strong interest in magic and spirituality. My specialty is helping folks who are already very "good" get to "absolutely great," and my methods involve intense shadow integration work.


Q. I resonate with your writing, but I'm not sure I'm ready for coaching. How can we stay in touch?

A. Joining my email list (the sign up form is in the footer of this page) and friending me on Facebook are great ways to stay in touch: