THRILL: the masterclass on writing for the social web, building your business, and getting paid

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You're a solopreneur.

More specifically - you're a coach, an artist, an author.

You love what you do and you're damn good at it.

You also know how to write. You can put a solid sentence together, and you've got flair.

You just don't know where to start when it comes to building your online following.

You've seen some folks rocket into what looks like giant, over-night success with their platform.

You've noticed that many others seem to flounder, unheard and unseen. 

You know that 80% of small businesses (solopreneurs included) fail within 5 years. What becomes of those broken-hearted? You know you don't want to find out. You've decided you are not going to be amongst the unseen floundering and flailing.


Why I'm doing this

When I left my university teaching job and set out into the jungles of the internet to make my way as a coach and author, I had very little idea of what it would take to gain an online following - the kind of following that would hit "share" on my stuff, open opportunities, happily buy my offerings.

My first three years of building my presence, I splashed around to little effect. Only my best friends and my mom read my essays. I took head-aching freelance technical writing jobs that barely paid my bills and left me feeling exhausted.

I found myself pinning up blankets over the old, cracked windows to keep the winter chill from blowing into my under-insulated tiny apartment. Next, I couldn't afford rent and was couch-surfing.

Often too proud to ask my friends for help, I spent a lot of time being fed only by the gracious charity of the Community Food Bank. Not super-fun.

And then, bit by bit, I figured it out. I studied. I applied what I learned. I took what worked and ran with it.

Now when I write an article, I'm confident that it'll have 20,000 reads instead of 20.

Now, my coaching business provides me a location-independent, 6 figure income - which is steadily rising to 7-figures. 

Instead of living in a freezing little apartment or on a friend's couch, I live wherever I damn well please  - sometimes in the kind of beautifully renovated Victorian mansions in my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh that I always dreamed about, sometimes on beaches in Bali and Portugal.

I created THRILL because I want to spare you the years of puttering that it took me to realize how to write on Facebook, on my blog, and in online magazines in a way that was actually profitable, connecting, and fun.

You don't need to suffer in obscurity for as long as I did.

 I want the world to hear your message in a way that lights up both you and your readers. I'm committed to saving you time and doubt and worry, and taking you straight to the heart of the spotlight.


by the end of 3 months of THRILL you will:

  • At minimum, TRIPLE your online audience and see revenue gains that cover the cost of the class multiple times over
  • Experience a dramatic revolution in your writing confidence 
  • Learn how to have high-converting sales conversations
  • Know the value of your voice and your message deep in your bones
  • Receive a steady stream of praise and thanks "out of the blue" for your writing
  • Write status updates and articles that bring raving fans and deep connection
  • Have copy for your website that touches people profoundly and inspires them to reach out to you for your services
  • Enjoy an audience that's exponentially larger than your present following
  • Have a flourishing, prosperous business that you LOVE

IMPORTANT: This program is absolutely not for everyone.  It requires huge courage, risk, commitment, and a lot of pure, uncomfortable work. This group is for POTENT solopreneurs, coaches, authors, and artists who take action instead of making excuses. 


What People Say About THRILL

"In THRILL I received wicked pearls of wisdom as well as practical tips and strategies that have truly helped me up my game in terms of personal power, leadership in business and social influence." - Rosalyn Cua, founder of the Conscious CEO.

"As a direct result of putting Carolyn's marvelous techniques into practice, my income has steadily increased.  Carolyn's teaching has been more helpful than any of the advice being touted by many so-called 'marketing and internet experts' or gurus. Her methods are simple, practical, and what's more, they are fun."  - Dena Crowder, the Soul Star System

"I am so excited with what I can now do with my business now I have done this course, in a way I haven't been excited or hopeful about any course before. I came away from every lesson laughing, excited, hopeful and feeling like IT'S POSSIBLE."  

- Demelza Fox, one of the world's most in-demand professional mermaids and belly-dancers


If you are ready to get visible, vibrant, big, and profitable, THRILL is for you. 

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On the Weird Power of Writing for Facebook

Facebook is one of the great mysteries of our age. It's all-seeing and all-knowing. It can open up worlds and it can confine you with its addictive little buttons. It's dark and it's light.

In THRILL, about three quarters of the work we do deals with writing for your website and for online magazines in a way that will get you abundantly seen, heard, and felt.

And the other quarter of what we do focuses on writing for Facebook. That's right. Status updates and comments. The mostly humble and homely writing genre imaginable, with not much of a glamorous pedigree.

And yet.

Facebook is an amazing writing platform. Your Facebook wall features a fascinating character with on-going, incredible adventures: you.

When you absolutely nail writing status updates and comments, people start to pay attention to the wit and wisdom you create. They get invested in you as a character. They want to follow your ups and downs, your ins and outs.

When people are invested in the story of you, they're much more likely to click on your links to essays that you've written.

They're much more likely to "share" your stuff. 

And they're much more likely to buy from you. So in THRILL, I teach you how to write for Facebook like the bad-ass hero or heroine that you are.