"I can never thank Carolyn Elliot enough for the results I got from us working together. She helped me have the courage and the vision to expand my business so that I could quit my day job and thrive. Initially, it was a difficult decision to move forward in coaching with her because of the financial commitment.

But in the time that I've worked with her I've more than doubled my money based on her recommendations. And the work we've done together has shown me how to stabilize my income and even to grow my business far beyond my initial expectations.

I'd been following Carolyn a long time on social media before I decided to work with her one-on-one. Eventually, I heard her interviewed on a Podcast and I just knew I had to work with her more personally. I realized that she was my people: smart, passionate, credible, insightful, with an awesome sense of humor and compassion, but with none of that corporate b.s. which is just a major turn off for me. My work with Carolyn has been some of the most important I've ever done, both in terms of creating a sustainable healing/witch business that I love, but also in allowing MYSELF to fill my full, magnificent form.

Bottom line, if you CAN work with Carolyn Elliot, you SHOULD. I want to work with her forever!"

- Amanda Yates Garcia, The Oracle of Los Angeles

"Want to know what working with Carolyn can do for you? Here's what it has done (and continues to do) for me.

1. My tarot business is growing into something that is fast becoming financially viable, in a way I have never before experienced.

2. Carolyn has encouraged and helped me to express myself and put myself out there in ways that feel congruent with my values, my skills, and my strengths. More than that: my work with her is helping me to explore and define what it is that I do, to rediscover my voice, and take up my place not only in my work, but in my life as a whole."

- Sarah Taylor, Integrated Tarot


"After working with Carolyn, I am more alive and more myself than I have ever been."

 - Jan McClain, amazing relationship coach


"Carolyn Elliott just blew my mind. In 45 short minutes we unlocked the next layer of my brilliance, the places I’m holding back AND a plan for how I can step up and own it. So easy. So divine. So freely given. So EXACTLY-what-I-needed. Gratitude is an understatement.”  

- Jessica Serran of Becoming Artist


"After less than an hour in Carolyn's company I had a viable business plan, and, even better, knew the exact steps I needed to take to make it a reality. She instantly honed in on my unique skills and experiences, and told me exactly how I should package and sell them. After months of back and forth I finally know the way forward! Now I can't wait to get started!"

- Fiona Barrows of The Very Hungry Londoner, who's on her way to launching her next big thing ;)


“Before working with you, Carolyn, I had a feeling that because there’s always more to do somehow what I do is never enough enough - and now I accept that I’ve done enough. I have a shift into ease around whatever it is I create in the world. 

"Now I know: no one else can create artistically what I can create. That’s just how it works. I got the message as a kid that art doesn’t work. And now I’m stepping into the world where oh my God it does count! - emotionally, financially, transforming the world. I can create more love and justice in the world and I can do it through art. I don’t have to do it through organizing.

"In our time working together, a giant dream of mine has come true - my book has been optioned to become a movie! I've learned from our work together that I really really do like being fueled by desire and creativity rather than adrenaline and motivation. And I’ve found out in some really core way that it’s my children’s job to be proud of me so I don’t have to worry about that. 

"Your coaching has definitely worked for me!”

- Laila Ibrahim, best-selling author of Yellow Crocus



"Carolyn is a very crafty writing coach who helped me with her humor and her presence. Her book, Awaken Your Genius, is informative and will help you feel comfortable expressing yourself naturally, with ease. Always responding intuitively, she even teaches by not saying anything. Highly recommend coaching sessions with Carolyn." 

- Simone G., author and entrepreneur


"Obliterated by gratitude. Or overwhelmed, to say the least. I had a coaching session yesterday with brilliantly wonderful Carolyn Elliott in which I was completely, and utterly nailed.

She said in order to open to receive more, I've got to fully feel the magnitude of what I've already got.
I said, yeah, I've noticed that the words "I'm grateful, I'm thankful" are some of the hardest for me to say.
Yep, says she, gratitude isn't all sunshine and rainbows. To recognize fulfillment is to have rework the identity you have created around non-fulfillment.

Ouch. Yeah. For maybe the first time ever, I am allowing myself to feel true gratitude, and it's like a column of ache that spans from my belly to right beside my heart. Like a punch in the gut, that actually feels kinda good. Like something at my core is breaking open within me."

- Alison Ogden, powerful coach


"Carolyn, you're amazing."

- Eric Majeski,  singer / songwriter / alchemist


"Since I began working with Carolyn six weeks ago, an incredible transformation has occurred. The main thing Carolyn has offered me is the support I need to feel my fear and do it anyway. It’s been very hard, and very rewarding work. The night I first contacted Carolyn, I knew I needed to hire someone to help me activate my own innate powers. It felt like hiring a Sherpa to help me hike the Himalayas without getting lost in the snow. 

"Through my work with Carolyn, my massage practice has become, suddenly, very successful, and I’ve also managed to fundraise $9,845 to pay my kid’s private school tuition. More than what I’ve achieved though, its the lasting lessons of trusting myself to play big, ask for everything I want, and be more courageous than I’ve ever dared. The tools she offers me, the 'assignments' if you will, are tremendously helpful as I learn to redirect the well worn pathways in my brain."

- Mary Doyle, body-worker and all-around genius



"Shortly after I began my coaching sessions with Carolyn, I got clear on my purpose for my business. I felt heard and respected and encouraged throughout our sessions together. Carolyn asked me questions that I couldn't ask myself and helped me clear some roadblocks I didn't know were there."

Kaci O'Malley, health coach and authorhealingmyrosacea.com


"When we started I was looking for clarity as to which direction I should take. After our wonderful talks and the insights you shared, I have found something better. I found clarity in the present. Clarity wherever I am, despite the path. This, in turn, has made everything seem possible; and, more importantly, I now feel worthy of what I can achieve. Thank you, so much!"

T.J. Noble


"Being coached by Carolyn led quickly to surges in self-awareness, mindfulness, and confidence.  She helped me to explore an issue which was keeping me from accomplishing personal and professional goals -- we identified it, processed it, and figured out how to overcome it.  It was an exhilarating experience, and its effects are cumulative.  The time I spent with Carolyn will help me grow for the rest of my life."

- Dr. Chad Money, musician / producer / mathematician extraordinaire


"Carolyn's ability to inspire and ignite is a rare and beautiful gift. In her coaching, she offers love and nurturing, which is incredibly refreshing and absolutely necessary to creatives finding their footing in a seemingly hostile society. Carolyn is incredibly rare in this world because she understands what it means to devote one's life to beauty, truth and love. She knows what it takes to nurture, heal and empower those who take this path in life. I spent years sifting through superficial get-rich-quick advice and 'motivational' self-help, none of which catalyzed any deep change within. Carolyn's approach spoke to my soul directly. When I spoke of my difficulties with finding my audience, she knew exactly what I had to heal in my own psyche in order to connect better with others through my work. 

I've had negative past experiences in the field of life coaching that have left me feeling condescended to, being forced into a specific ideology and like I needed to be fixed. Not so with Carolyn: she spoke to me as a friend and kindred soul on the same path, extending a hand and rooting for me. I experienced total acceptance in her presence and as a result of the compassion she extended me, I learned how to be kinder to myself. In my conversation with Carolyn, I felt truly appreciated, listened to and valued as an artist and a human being. Months later, I'm still amazed at how just one experience of true compassion can so positively shift one's self-perception."

- Abigail Amalton, visionary artist and designer 



On the book, Awaken Your Genius

"Oh my god. I am such a fan. This book has changed me. You are such an amazing human being and I am so thankful for your existence here."

- Mycela Rue

“The epoch of the suffering genius is finally at an end—and a new culture of enlightened pleasure and personal abundance awaits those with the courage to shed old patterns and embrace a new myth. Carolyn Elliott's book reverses old stereotypes to propose a path for artists and inspired misfits to find joy through their gifts.”

- Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl


“Reading Awaken Your Genius is like taking communion with a bohemian brain set on fire. It’s a great treasure and will no doubt become a trendsetter for future spiritual treatises on creativity and the arts.”

- Adam Elenbaas, founder of Nightlight Astrology and author of Fisher of Men


"What massive, leaden lid keeps your creative genius blocked and locked in your habitual mind?  This book describes a seven-step journey to unleash the outrageous birds and coiled dragons of creativity. It is practical—filled with contemplative care for the sensitivity of our hearts, and comes from the author’s real experience. Awaken Your Genius is fearless in asking us to look at our own complicity in hiding from the shocking power of our innate brilliance. Our world needs more poetry at the edges of things, and this book invites imagination to see that the sleeping giant of creativity is already awake." 

- Acharya Adam Lobel, Head Teacher, Shambhala International

"Carolyn Elliott uses humor, wisdom, and poetry to guide each of us to our own bright genius. This is a smart, spirited book."

- Terrance Hayes, author of Lighthead and winner of the 2010 National Book Award for Poetry


“Carolyn Elliott shows us that each one of us has the opportunity to heal, transform, and evolve consciousness. Awaken Your Genius overflows with soulful, substantive methods for doing just that.”

- Brian Browne Walker, author and translator of the I Ching, Tao te Ching, Hua hu Ching, and Art of War


“In a voice that might remind you of a spritely Jane Austen, Elliott guides her reader on a nimble journey where she illuminates with insight, logic, and love the path toward awakening your genius. It’s a spiritual quest aided in the romantic ideals of truth and beauty, where wisdom and whimsy merge as Elliot guides us on the path toward hearing our own heart’s call, revealing in the process, the reality of a wisdom-deficient world, while simultaneously leading us on the hero’s journey of creativity, innocence and love.”

-  Robin Gunkel, writer, regional coordinator for Evolver Baltimore, and graduate of the Jack Kerouc School of Disembodied Poetics