Folks have found my counseling and my book to be really helpful.  Here are some first-hand reports:

From an artist:

Carolyn's ability to inspire and ignite is a rare and beautiful gift. In her counseling, she offers love and nurturing, which is incredibly refreshing and absolutely necessary to creatives finding their footing in a seemingly hostile society. Carolyn is incredibly rare in this world because she understands what it means to devote one's life to beauty, truth and love. She knows what it takes to nurture, heal and empower those who take this path in life. I spent years sifting through superficial get-rich-quick advice and 'motivational' self-help, none of which catalyzed any deep change within. Carolyn's approach spoke to my soul directly. When I spoke of my difficulties with finding my audience, she knew exactly what I had to heal in my own psyche in order to connect better with others through my work. I've had negative past experiences in the field of life coaching that have left me feeling condescended to, being forced into a specific ideology and like I needed to be fixed. Not so with Carolyn: she spoke to me as a friend and kindred soul on the same path, extending a hand and rooting for me. I experienced total acceptance in her presence and as a result of the compassion she extended me, I learned how to be kinder to myself. In my conversation with Carolyn, I felt truly appreciated, listened to and valued as an artist and a human being. Months later, I'm still amazed at how just one experience of true compassion can so positively shift one's self-perception.

-- Abigail Amalton, artist and photographer,


From a rad lady:

Funny story. I am friends with a Gloria Viveros on facebook. We have a mutual friend. Which is how I found your page. Unrelated to Gloria: a month ago, a friend of mine sent me a book called Awesome Your Life. I did not put two and two together until right now. Oh my god. I am such a fan. This book has changed me. You are such an amazing human being and I am so thankful for your existence here.

-- Mycela Rue, fantastic person with fine tattoos