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7 Insane Keys to Practical Magic

What I feel to be missing from most discussions of magic is a down-to-earth acknowledgement of the actual hardcore madness that you need in order to execute it fully and well.

12 Practices for Increasing the Magic in Your Life

To live a magical life, the following practices are helpful...

10 Ways Shadow Work Sky-Rockets Your Manifestation Results

After decades of non-stop “positive thinking” focus in mainstream spiritual discourse, few people understand how doing shadow work (i.e., consciously integrating the darker side of our souls) can radically improve your manifestation results.

How to Do a Fear Inventory

We do Fear Inventory to recover our true power from the pain of being taught to see ourselves as separate little egos who are helpless and non-magical. We do it uncover and release the subconscious fears that keep us from enjoying fulfillment and turned-on magic.