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7 Insane Keys to Practical Magic

What I feel to be missing from most discussions of magic is a down-to-earth acknowledgement of the actual hardcore madness that you need in order to execute it fully and well.

7 Surprising Ways to Grow Your Profits

As I learn to run a business, I freak out sometimes over money stuff, as most of us humans do.

17 Bizarre Philosophies that Made me $10,000 last month

The genuinely bizarre things I believe all contribute to my current rags-to-riches success, wherein I run an enterprise based on teaching magic and writing for the social web.

7 shocking truths that went into me making $18,000 this month via the internet

Happily, this month I took on enough client contracts to add up to eighteen thousand fat filthy good American dollars.

How to Do a Fear Inventory

We do Fear Inventory to recover our true power from the pain of being taught to see ourselves as separate little egos who are helpless and non-magical. We do it uncover and release the subconscious fears that keep us from enjoying fulfillment and turned-on magic.