What we do to change your life.

Expanding your havingness, sparking your magic

In metaphysical and emotional terms, we intensely expand your havingness level. We grow your magical and practical ability to have all good things, and we do that by working on the blueprint of your internal self-concept.

In third-dimensional material terms: we meet. We talk. Usually on the phone, sometimes on Skype. 

It's my job to find the tender hot spots of genius and truth in you, and to stoke those into full flame.

It's your job to take those flames and run with 'em. Laughter is often involved, and on occasion, tears. The good kind.

Based on where you are at any give time, I give you hand-tailored assignments and games designed to push your edge and take you deeper into risk and daring. You go out and play. The next time we meet, we talk about what went down as you played your game and fulfilled your assignment. We laser-in on your most well-protected walls of shame and doubt, and they come tumbling down.

Along the way, you experience a revolution. You get big. And the whole world wins.

On the art of having

We all have an internal self-concept, inherited from our family and culture, that operates unconsciously and determines what we have.

Our self-concept is usually limiting.

Maybe it tells us we can have huge a huge bank account, but no luck in love. Or maybe we're allotted wildly fulfilling relationships, but blocked artistic creativity.

The art of having is the art of enlarging our self-concept so that we allow ourselves to have much more. 

We become more open to opportunity and synchronicity, more vitally present and awake, and more able to enjoy success in arenas that previously baffled us.



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